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The Five Best Drones That Fly High At CES 2017

Written by : Tech Trends Team
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Drones are nothing but unmanned flying robots controlled by humans. You might have already known that it's illegal to fly drones in many countries including India. Because of restrictions, we need officials' permission to use them in public areas to shoot aerial shots in films, live concerts, marriages, etc.

Now, CES 2017 has become a great platform for some amazing future drones and of course, all of them will not fly high. So, we have picked out the five best drones exposed in the recent Consumer Electronics Show.

Hover Camera Passport

People who go crazy about selfies know the difficulties in capturing them perfectly. Sometimes, it's not possible to cover all in one frame. And here comes the Hover Camera Passport drone to put an end to such problems.

The easy-to-fold 'selfie' drone designed by Zero Zero Robotics, a Beijing start-up, is capable of capturing impressive images with its 13 megapixel front camera and record 4K ultra HD videos. It has a downward -facing 3 megapixel camera too. This portable drone detects and follows you. It is available in market at a price of $599 (about Rs 40,800).

Wingsland S6

This is another foldable and portable drone that can easily fit in your pocket. This is said to be the world's smallest drone, able to capture 4K ultra HD videos with its 13 megapixel built-in camera. Just like Hover Camera Passport, it can follow you and capture 360-degree photos.

The small and smart drone can be equipped with some available add-ons like emoji display board, small cannon, searchlight, etc. Real time sharing of photos and videos to social networking sites is a notable feature. You can own this product by paying $399 (nearly Rs 27,200).

Mi Drone

Xiaomi - the Chinese electronics company is well known to many because of its smartphones. Now, the same company has showcased its drone, called 'Mi Drone', at CES 2017. The quadcopter has a 16 megapixel camera to capture 1080 pixel images and to record stunning 4K resolution aerial videos.

The technology included in this UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) allows you to preset route maps. It can return to the controller, whenever it loses connection and when the battery is about to die. The drone is already available in the market to grab at a price of $469 (around Rs 32,000). Moreover, autonomous flying is another great feature to be noticed in the Mi Drone.


It hurts you so much when your high-end drone falls apart, right? But, the drone - Airblock - designed by Makeblock will not make you cry in this matter. The modular drone comes with 6 clips which can be snapped back using magnetic connectors. It can be transformed into a hovercraft, car and more.

The hexagonal aircraft can be controlled via smartphone and this will definitely be a good drone to gift your kids. Another best thing about this drone is its price - $129 (Rs 8,800 approx.). The drag-and-drop programming will make the drone perform various stunts.


If you think drones are meant only to fly, then it's the time to change your opinion. Because here is a drone that can work underwater to help people who love fishing. Called the PowerRay, the underwater drone developed by PowerVision Robot Corporation, can dive pretty deep up to 98 feet. It can record 4K videos and capture images with its 12 megapixel built-in camera.

The drone uses sonar to locate fish within 30 metres. After finding the target it will send the controller a solid ping and send photos and live HD videos to the smartphone via an internet Wi-Fi signal. The drone has a blue LED to lure fish. Pre-orders will begin in this February and there is no word about its price.

(Images Courtesy: Facebook)

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