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Written by : Tech Trends Team
'Google Feed' For Mobile App Launched
Aiming to deliver relevant search results for mobile users, the search engine pioneer Google has rolled out "Google Feed", a Facebook 'News Feed' kind of experience for...
Written by : Tech Trends Team
Get Ready To Watch NASA Videos On YouTube Soon
If you are a space buff, get ready to watch videos of rare historic test flight, launch and landing footages on YouTube soon. NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Centre in California was...
Written by : Tech Trends Team
Snapchat Brings Two New Features For Users
Snap Inc is making its flagship app Snapchat better to give the best to its users and meanwhile to take on the competitors like Facebook-owned Instagram. The app which has introduced the...
Written by : Tech Trends Team
Facebook Will Launch Paid News Subscription Product
A week after nearly 2,000 publishers in the US formed the News Media Alliance to get an anti-trust exemption from the Congress to negotiate over advertising revenue with digital platforms,...
Written by : Tech Trends Team
Importance Of Lenses For Short Film Makers
It is the optical lens / assembly of optic elements (convex and concave optics) that bring the aesthetical value in the shot composition of an image/ film (short film/ feature film). Lets...
Written by : Tech Trends Team
Review: A Single Life (Short Film)
Human's fascination for time travel is age-old. The idea of spinning the clock back into the past and forward into the future has always templed us. This idea was several times used in...
Written by : Tech Trends Team
World Emoji Day: Emojis You Have Been Using Wrong
After the debut of emojis, the usage of words has been decreased. People also forget to chat without using even a single emoji. Of course, you might be one among them. Whether it's a...