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Written by : Tech Trends Team
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YouTube direct messaging service, not the most popular way to chat for a large number of users, is set to fade out soon.

"In August 2017, YouTube introduced a 'Messages' feature for its mobile apps and later the web. Two years later, the Google video site announced that it's killing the built-in charting functionality next month.

"The direct messaging feature is a quick way to share videos directly on YouTube. It supports both individual and group conversations, with the last major update in May 2018 when YouTube Messages was rolled out to the web," 9to5Google reported on August 20.

But it's not clear why the Google-owned platform has decided to retire the feature. It's being said YouTube would focus on beefing up the site's comments section.

“After Sept. 18, you’ll no longer be able to send or receive direct messages on YouTube as we focus our efforts on public convo tools (comments, posts, etc).,” TeamYouTube Tweeted.

As a replacement, Google simply advises users to share links in other social networks. YouTube killing Messages is unlikely to cause an outcry - unlike Hangouts Classic - with many learning about or remembering that the feature existed today, the report added.

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