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Written by : Tech Trends Team
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YouTube on July 10 reportedly began rolling out "incognito mode" to a wider set of users. The incognito mode will not record users' search and watched videos history. Incognito is a browsing privacy-controlling feature that has long been available on Google Chrome.

"Although, to add a video on playlist, users would have to briefly turn the feature off, save and go back to the new mode," a website reported.

The "Turn on Incognito" button would be visible on the users' account page. When users are in incognito mode they can clearly see the indications, at the top-right corner and a bar at the bottom of the app, saying "You're incognito".

The new feature is available for download as part of YouTube version 13.25.56 on the Google Play Store, the report added.

Users can access home feeds and trending content, on activating the optional "incognito mode".

"Once the incognito mode is enabled, users may only access the Home and Trending feeds. Although, the app would view users as if they were signed out and they would not be able to see any of the channels they are subscribed to," the report added.

The "incognito mode" would be disabled automatically after a period when the app detects the user as being inactive. The feature comes with an option to exit from the incognito mode manually as well and switch to the standard viewing mode.

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