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Written by : Tech Trends Team
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Here is the Lovot robot showcased at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The robot from the Japan-based company 'Groove X' is designed to 'nurture people’s capacity to love' by demanding the affection of its owner. Lovot whose mission is to make you happy is a cute robotic companion with big cartoon eyes and teddy bear-soft exterior.

To bring out full potential through robotics, 'Groove X' has developed the robot with a vision to build trust between humanity and robots and to create companions for more enriched and secure living.

The cute Lovot waves its little arms in the air when it wants to be picked up and cuddled, and follows you around your home on its wheels. Once you pick it and give it a good enough cuddle, the robot can ‘fall asleep’ in your arms. When you tickle the Lovot, it dances around, it can also sulk like kids and beg to be picked up if it sees you interacting with another Lovot. In a nutshell, Lovot is designed to behave just like a real living being whom nobody can stop loving.

Lovot boasts a lot of complicated tech beneath its furry surface, including an arsenal of pressure sensors that allow it to react to touch, and a depth sensor beneath its wheels to help it navigate your home. It also features a hemispherical camera on top of its head that can take photos, as well as microphones and a thermal camera.

You can preorder a pair of the Lovot robots for 5,98,000 Yen (approximately Rs 3,85,000). As of now, prices outside of Japan are unverified, and the robot is not expected to become available in the US until 2020, with the availability and pricing in other territories to be disclosed.

(Image Courtesy: Twitter - Groove X)

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