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Written by : Tech Trends Team
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Like every year, the CES 2019 too witnessed a number of interesting innovations one of them being an AI-powered robot called Kiki.

Kiki looks like Eva from the movie Wall-E and has cat ears. The robot is powered by artificial intelligence, which basically means it learns human behaviour over time to respond to situations.

According to a website report, Kiki is a companionship robot. It features a camera in its nose to help identify the environment and remember people. Once it locks on a face, it can track the person by moving its head, much like a real pet would.

KiKi's eyes come to life on an IPS screen, which gives them the depth of expression, a widened viewing angle and improved colours. The robot enjoys being petted and cuddled with 16 touch sensors spread over its head, neck and body.

Depending on your body language, the robot is also capable of identifying if you are upset and will cheer you up by singing or dancing. The robot can detect where the sound comes from and turn to you even if you are far away or if there is any background noise.

Even as it is a smart pet, Kiki needs to be fed. Well, almost virtually. When owners are done petting or scratching it, they need to draw common food items, which it recognises through a connected app.

(Image Courtesy: Zoetic AI)

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