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Written by : Tech Trends Team
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To make it easier for users to manage their data, Google has announced rolling out auto-delete controls for location history and activity data for both Android and iOS devices.

"Auto-delete controls for Location History start rolling out today on Android and iOS, making it even easier for you to manage your data," the Internet giant posted on Twitter late on June 26.

The feature comes after an emphasis on user privacy during a developer conference where firms such as Google and Apple said they would begin introducing tools to let users have more control over what data they share with the them or third-party apps.

Location tracking and web and app activity history on Google remains until users manually delete them by default and the tech behemoth asserts this is to improve user experience, search personalisations and ad targeting.

With the new feature in place, users can now set their tracking preferences to delete in three- or 18-month intervals.

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