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World Oceans Day: Raise Your Adrenaline Levels With These Breathtaking Water Activities

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Our nature has blessed us with pristine waterfalls, lushgreen woods, beautiful mountains, vivid species of flora and fauna. And the Oceans are one amongst them... the majestic beauty of the azure waters can't spell orally and myriads of enthusiastic folks always try to explore the pristine beauty of the oceans in the form of water activities to chase different shade of the oceans...

Today (i.e. on June 8th) everyone is celebrating 'World Oceans Day'. On this occasion we would like to come up with a few interesting and adventurous water activities which will raise your adrenaline rush. Choose the best to enjoy to the fullest...


World Oceans Day, Surfing

Surfing is an amazing surface water sport that lets you bind a special bond with the ocean. Get ready to face and play with huge tides. Riding a wave towards the shore definitely raises your adrenaline rush and thrills you. The vast seacoast of India bestows galore of surfing destinations; few of them are Kovalam: Kerala, Gokarna: Karnataka, Rameswaram, Manapad: Tamil Nadu, Goa, Pondicherry. Escape to any of these destinations from your humdrum lifestyle and enjoy like never before.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving, World Oceans Day

Wanna capture the best vistas of underwater and eager to swim along the exotic aqua creatures? Then, try scuba diving. Put on that breathing apparatus, fins and the necessary things and dive into the deep blue waters to explore the marine life. Swim along with the fishes, catch a glimpse of splendorous coral reefs and many more to add to list. Andaman Nicobar islands, Lakshadweep islands, Goa, Pondicherry, Karnataka, etc., are the best places to enjoy the scuba diving.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Though sea kayaking doesn't thrill you as much as white-water kayaking, still it provides memorable moments that can be cherished for a life time. Enjoy the kayaking amid the tranquil environ, crystal clear waters, misty breezes and different species of marine life. Andaman Nicobar is the one and only popular and best place to experience Sea Kayaking in India.


Snorkelling is one of the most cherished water sports on the planet. Scuba diving and snorkelling seems to be similar; scuba diving allows you to go deep into the ocean whereas snorkelling permits you only to enjoy the underwater just near the surface. It's the best sport for those who love scuba diving but aren't dare enough to attempt it. Tarakali: Maharashtra, Andaman islands, Lakshwadeep, Goa, etc., provide the opportunity of snorkelling.


Eager to hover over the azure waters of oceans? Then partake in breathtaking Parasailing to satiate your inner adventure thirst. You will be hauled by a boat while you are in a specially designed parachute. Fly like a bird, feel the adventure, experience the cool winds and collect unforgettable moments. Each and every moment you spend in this sport will test your adrenaline levels. The best places to immerse in this swashbuckling activity are Goa, Maharashtra and many more.

Water Craft Aka Jet Skiing

Jet skiing, world oceans day

Exhilarate yourself by riding the watercraft at 45 miles per hour over the calm waters. The splashing waters, high-sound motor boats and heavy winds that hit your face will give you goosebumps by the time you complete the ride. Plan a surprise to your buddies by booking a pleasure and adventurous trip. Every ride you experience here will remain as the best moments. Goa is the best beach to explore this adventuresome activity.



Wanna fly like a superman in the sky? Here is a way to fulfill your dream i.e. by Hydroflying. The rider stands on a flyboard which has a pair of boots with jet nozzles and is driven by a pilot. The rider can fly up to 15 m due to the water pressure applied by the pilot. You can also take a dive into the sea from 2.5m. One of the adventurous water sports which excites the most can be attempted by anyone who say themselves as an adventure junkie. The partying destination Goa is very famous for this sport.

Banana Boat Ride

Do you and your buddies often try adventure activities? Then Banana boat ride is for you people. It's the best way to enjoy group adventure while you are on a coastal trip. The ride which is similar to jet ski will render you some amazing moments. Sometimes, you might also take a plunge in the water when the boat speeds up. Fret not! Every safety measurement will taken by management. Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, etc., are the superb destinations to enjoy the Banana ride.

Guys, which activity are you going to partake? Do let us know in the comments section.

Save The Oceans... Save The Future...

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