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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Oceans are one of the most beautiful creations of mother nature and remains as the favourite spot for everyone. Under the oceans, there exists another world where different species of marine creatures, coral reefs and many others are present. The beauty of that world can't be explained but one must have to take a dive to explore it. But the underworld of oceans is getting affected severely and many marine species are taking their last breath due to the human activities. Yes, on the occasion of World Oceans Day, let's see how humans are causing major harm to the oceans and its life. And the theme of this year is to prevent plastic pollution.

Plastic... Plastic...

plastic pollution, world oceans day

Plastic, the most dangerous thing which was created by human intelligence but, unfortunately, now it became a major problem in many aspects, especially for marine creatures. We, humans are habituated to use plastic in many forms, from shopping to kitchen everyplace, this non-degradable material is ruling. But, have you ever pondered that how many years will it take to plastic to degrade into the soil. Alas, it takes more than hundreds of years. All these plastic debris will be dumped into the oceans and seas through small canals, rivers and streams.

Why To Fight On Plastic?

plastic pollution affecting marine life, world oceans day

Oceans render beautiful vistas to the humans. But, in return, we are destroying the ocean life by leaving the debris in beaches and seashores. Every year, zillions of tons of plastic debris is reaching the oceans which is affecting many unique marine species. Trillions of plastic pieces are floating over the ocean surfaces.

plastic pollution under sea

Large debris splits into small pieces under the sun, ocean currents, aquatic creatures and etc., which floats on the water and sinks beneath the ocean. These small pieces were mistakenly taken by the marine creatures as food. Recently, a tiger shark on the south coast waters of Australia was found dead with intake of plastic covers. More than 30 plastic covers were removed from its belly.

What To Do Now?

The death of marine animals and fishes is raising high alert on the plastic ban. The foremost thing to do is, we humans need to find an alternative for plastic. Better to give a go for, bio-degradable materials, paper bags, jute materials.

volunteer cleaning beaches, world oceans day

  • Need to form a volunteer group to clean the seashores and to bring awareness amongst the visitors of the beach about how plastic debris affects the marine life.
  • Government authorities need to put a strict ban on the visitors and sellers regarding the usage of plastic materials.

  • Authorities need to conduct awareness campaigns amongst the fishermen about how the nets are causing death to the marine animals. Most of the fishermen kill tortoises which got stuck in their nets. Fishermen need to understand about the unique species of the oceans.

  • Oil spills and pesticides are also damaging the lives of marine species. Therefore it is necessary to take measures on it.

  • Try not to buy the items which affect the marine life.

  • School management and companies need to take their students and employees to the nearby beaches to bring awareness about the plastic pollution.

Until we beat the plastic pollution, we can't save the precious marine species. We need to join hands together to take a pledge against the plastic pollution.

Beat The Plastic Pollution... Save The Oceans

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