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Lion, the king of beasts majestically rules the world of forest. Wildlife photographers and animal aficionados love to have a closer glance of this fierce animal at least once in their lifetime. The vigorous looks, mane of the lion and many other interesting features of this animal made it as the symbol of royalty. And today (i.e, August 10), on the occasion of 'World Lion Day', we EeYuva have rounded up some of the interesting places where one can hear the roars of lions and can enjoy the presence of this ferocious animal.

Step Into The World Of Wild Beasts....


Namibia, World Lion Day, Lion Safari, Lion Day

Apart from the incredible vistas of sand dune deserts, Namibia tops in offering wildlife safaris. Zillions of enthusiastic folks throng to this African country to capture the closeup of wild animals. Mainly, the northern edges of Namibia desert homes hundreds of majestic cats. A safari experience in this locale will remain as an everlasting memory in one's life. Other than lions, one can see many other wild animals in this region but, don't forget to take precautions before you step in.


World Lion Day, Lion Safari, Lion Day

Glittering with the rank of the highest number of lions amongst the African countries, Tanzania remains as one of the best places to view myriad of wild animals. July to October is the perfect time to enjoy the rare sights of wildebeest as they start migrating to other places and during this time lions would be busy in hunting. Get valuable information from your guide and if you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to view the lions hunting the animals in closeup shots.

Gir Forest National Park, India

World Lion Day, Lion Day, Lion Safari, Asiatic Lions India, Gir National Park

India, an abode of various animals, has numerous sanctuaries and parks where the wildlife is conserved. Gir Forest National Park is one such place where one can find majestic Asiatic lions. This park is nestled in the heart of Junagarh, Gujarat and the authorities of the park are offering various Wildlife Tour Packages for visitors. Pick any one of the packages and revel the wild safari amidst the big cats in the deciduous forest. It is an idyllic destination for those who can't afford to pay a visit to African countries for safaris.


World Lion day, Lion Safari, Lion Day, Zimbabwe

What will be your reaction, if you encounter a lion? No words and it will definitely take away your breath, isn't it? Are you the one who would love to experience such moments? If you are dare enough to take a stroll beside a lion, then Zimbabwe lion walk tour is for you guys. These big cats will roam around you like pet animals. Gather your daredevil gang and pay a visit for a thrilling experience. Definitely, this trip renders unforgettable memories to your folks.

Botswana & Kenya

World LIon Day, Lion Day, Lion Safari, Botswana & Kenya

These two African countries home spectacular vicinities where wildlife comes alive. Especially in the months of July to October, the wild cats roar vigorously to have delicious meals. And it's the perfect period to relish the wildlife to the core. The herds of wild Buffalo's which are trapped in the mud waters and their fights to survive from the claws of the hunting lions will fascinate all and sundry. The specially designed safaris will render best vistas of different species of fauna in the reserves.

These safaris are not only meant for enjoying the wildlife but also to know some interesting things about how they are surviving on this blue planet. Guys, don't forget to take an oath to protect the wildlife of nature.

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