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Incredible India welcomes the visitors with its majestic Himalayas, cascading rivers, serene environment, spirituality and moreover the purity of nature. Indians abide by the slogan 'Atithi Devo Bhava' and henceforth the country treats the foreigners with utmost love and respect. With the increase in the number of tourists to the country arises various other problems. Asides all, a severe problem, Plastic Pollution is creating a havoc to nature which in turn is taking a toll on numerous other things. To put an end to plastic problems, many Indian states banned the usage of plastic.

Today (i.e, on June 5) on the occasion of World Environment Day, we EeYuva have come up with an Indian state which banned the usage of plastic first in the nation... i.e, Sikkim, a tiny hill state of northeastern India.

Assam – A Tiny State


Cuddled in the mid of the mighty Himalayas of northeastern India, Sikkim is a beautiful tiny state that flourishes with lavish woods, gushing waterfalls, alpine meadows, Buddhist monasteries and with its unique traditions and cultures. Zillions of visitors from across the planet throng to this spectacular destination to get away from their hectic lifestyle. It is a great place for both nature aficionados and adventurous bees. One can partake in trekking, river rafting, paragliding and many more.

The First Step...

The rapid increase of tourists to this state affected the nature, to put an end to this problem, Sikkim imposed a ban on plastic bags first ever in India in the year 1998. It is not possible to control the use of plastic which reaches to the state from millions of tourists from across the world. The authorities of Sikkim government worked eminently by bringing awareness amongst the public through various programmes and imposed fines. It stood as the first state that banned open defecation and if violated one need to pay huge amounts of fine.

In the year 2016, the Sikkim government took a decision to put a ban on packaged drinking water and on the disposable plates as well in the entire government offices and meetings. It is a great initiative taken by the Sikkim government to eradicate the garbage problem in the state.



The twenty years efforts of Assam government and its citizens along with the cooperation of tourists made the city to get the rank as the first city that beats the plastic. Now one can see every vendor and citizen of the state using plates and bags made of paper, bagasse, leaves and even nuts. Now, the government is aiming to be the first state that's going to ban pesticides to produce organic food. The state also banned the firecrackers in the year 2014 to control the noise pollution. 80 percent of the plastic usage is controlled by the government and very soon it will reach the cent percent on the plastic ban.

These measures taken by Assam government increased the tourist inflow to the state . The ecosystem of this nature destination survives forever. Impeccably, it is the first state which implemented Swachh Bharat Campaign years ago...

We all know that Plastic usage is the major hurdle for sustainable and ecotourism. It is the time for everyone to take a pledge against the plastic usage.

Beat The Plastic Pollution... Get The Glorious Future...

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