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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Whenever we speak about a pleasant environment one can always visualise lush green trees, pollution-free atmosphere, plastic-free beach-sides and one would definitely wish to visit a place which is completely environmental friendly. But do you think whether our country and the whole world is safe when considered about environment crisis??? Of course a big no…

So, to get some changes in the environment and also to bring some awareness in people, World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated worldwide every year on June 5th. And today being that global day, we EeYuva by following the theme 'Beat Air Pollution', have come up with the places which are controlling the air pollution in their respective countries.

Are You Ready To Know The Places? Then Here We Go…

There is a big list of countries who are striving hard to control pollution to get their country entirely environment-friendly by banning the fuel-emitting vehicles, but we have shortened the list and presented here… Have a look!



One of the most populous countries, China is controlling air pollution by restricting the ban of sales of a few vehicles which emits dangerous fuels out. The most visited places in China are Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The great wall of China, the grand canal of China, Yellow River, Mount Jiuhua, The Temple Of Heaven, Yangtze River, Mount Tai are the very famous tourist attractions in China. This is listed as the fourth most visited places in the world by tourists.

Costa Rica


A place filled with lush green trees and pleasant beaches are found in Costa Rica. We say this country is the perfect example of an environment friendly place. OMG!!! One cannot takes off their eyes from the beauty of this enthralling place.



An archipelago of 443 named island represents Denmark. This country is recognized with the beautifully occupied islands which are the major tourist attractions of Denmark. The main places that are drawing visitors to this place are Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.



Designated as the most chosen romantic destinations in the world, France tops every travel freaks list with its fashion world and tourist spots. Paris tops the list of the most visited places in France and apart from this Strasbourg, Lyon, Lorie Valley, French Riveria, Corsica also fall in the list. There are many themed parks associated with this country.



A perfect mixture of traditions and culture is found in India. This country has many hidden gems within it. And, to your surprise, many foreign tourists are showing a keen interest in visiting India nowadays. To protect one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal, our government has already started taking the needed steps. This has been an inspiration to various state governments and they are taking enough precautions to protect the environment. India has numerous tourist spots, every state in India is associated with its special feature which is alluring visitors to travel to India.

The list is still on, but we pierced it and presented here. On the account of this 'World Environment Day' visit these places and feel the real nature.

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