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Monsoon is a great time to recall the beautiful memories of childhood. Naturally, everyone eagerly waits to get drenched under the monsoon drizzles amid the lavish nature. 'Monsoon destination' is one of the most searching terms in Google and nature aficionados love to spend their moments in picturesque nature spots. To make the monsoon vacations more memorable, plan a trip to Ratargul Swamp Forest of Bangladesh, where one can come close to true nature. Here is a way to know how Ratargul remains as a perfect rainy destination.

How Monsoon Will Be In Ratargul?

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh, Mopnsoon destination, Sunderbans of bangladesh, amazon forest bangladesh

Bangladesh lies on Ganges delta and is mostly affected by floods during monsoons. Whereas, nature of Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh comes alive during monsoons and render picture-perfect landscapes to the visitors. Keep all the monsoon problems aside and pack your backpacks to immerse in the beauty of nature.

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangaldesh, Monsoon destination, Sunderbans of Bangladesh

Cuddled in the heart of Sylhet, Ratargul Swap forest is the only freshwater marshland in Bangladesh and is very close to the river Gowain. This beautiful evergreen forest overwhelms with fresh water throughout the year. During monsoons, the beauty of this forest enchant the visitors with abundant greenery and the level of water raises up to 20 to 30 feet in height and in a normal season, it marks 10 feet. The ambience of this locale resembles Amazon forest with tens of thousands of submerged water trees. Ratargul Swap forest is also called as Sundarbans of Bangladesh.

A Boat Ride At Ratargul Swamp Forest...

 Boat Ride At Ratargul Swamp Forest, bangladesh

Crowds of tourists from across the world visit Ratargul during monsoons to experience the boat ride in a swamp forest. Hire a local boat to crisscross across the wetlands of Bangladesh and a ride through this forest remains as one of the most memorable trips of one's life. While you were on a boat ride, monsoon drizzles try to drench you with its cool showers and give spectacular vistas whereas, the trees and bushes of this swamp forest act like an umbrella to hide you from spherical drops.

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh, Sunderbans of Bangladesh, Monsoon destination

Listen to the sounds of water while the boatman rowing the boat, it seems that every drop of water tells us how it connects with the beauty of nature. Only a few parts of the swamp forest are allowed to take a pleasure ride and most of the parts were restricted to access, due to its narrow paths.

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh, Watch Tower, Monsoon destination

After passing through the trees, one can reach a watch tower which gives the panoramic views of the forest. Numerous fishes can be seen in the waters and local villagers are busy in selling them to the tourists. Words fall short to describe the beauty of this locale, one needs to visit and enjoy.

Unique Flora And Fauna...

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh, Monsoon destination

Ratargul swamp forest is an abode of different species of flora and fauna. More than 70 species of trees are grown like Koroch and Murta, etc., in this area and though it is a natural forest, the forest authorities planted many water species here. Monkeys, snakes, waterfowls and many more to the fauna list. The serene environment, sounds of water, chirping sounds of birds, rustling trees, crawling snakes and many more makes your trip more memorable. It is a perfect place for nature photographers to capture the beauty of nature through their lenses.

How To Reach?

Numerous public services are available from Sylhet to reach Gowainghat. From there one needs to hire a local boat that takes to Ratargul swamp forest. Try to get a local boat than an engine boat as local boats add more joy to your trip and it also boosts the livelihood of the local villagers.

Apart from the aforesaid, there exists many other scenic places in Bangladesh, very soon we EeYuva will come up with those places. Never give a miss to share your travel experiences with us while you were on Ratargul Swamp Forest trip.

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