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Universe... a mysterious creation where the evolution of humans and other creatures took place. Archaeological discoveries, unearthed fossils are a great source to trace the details of millions of years journey of mankind. Every archaeological excavation dig out some intriguing facts and lifestyle of early man. Every now and then a few challenging tasks test the archaeologists and the 'Nazca Lines of Peru' is one such mysterious destination over the world.

Nazca Lines...

Nazca Lines, Peru

Nazca Lines are the most intriguing and mysterious drawings of ancient Peruvian people. Nestled in the heart of Nazca desert of Nazca city of Peru. Nazca Lines are the largest ancient geoglyph which challenges the modern archaeologists with its mysterious coding. This UNESCO listed heritage site was not explored to the modern man until 1927. Hundreds of anthropologists and archaeologists from across the world love to visit this locale to trace the mystery of Nazca Lines.

Nazca LInes Peru

Hundreds of Nazca Lines were traced out in Nazca Desert which comprises of hundreds of straight lines, animals, a human head, plants and more geometric lines. The design of monkey, hummingbird and spider are the most famous Nazca Lines. Most of the lines are spotted only through aerial view and some of them can view from nearby mountains and viewpoints. Archaeologists discovered some drawings and arts over the mountain walls and they think that ancient Nazca people drew these lines on the mountains to make people easy to watch them from villages.

How Was Nazcas Civilisation Famous?

Cantalloc Aqueducts
Cantalloc Aqueduct

Nazcas formed a civilisation for themselves which was very famous for textiles, intriguing pottery making and the mysterious drawings on the Peruvian Desert which are called as 'Nazca Lines'. Nazca civilisation was collapsed due to its predecessors. They have used advanced technologies during that age which includes Cantalloc aqueducts that are still are in use. To get rid of water scarcity of the arid zone, Nazca people constructed many aqueducts and concentric paths which used to store the water.

Why Nazca Lines Perplex The Archeologists?

Nazca Lines Of Peru, Mysterious Destination

It remains as an unsolved mystery to archaeologists, anthropologists, astronomers and many more enthusiasts who spent their lifetime to trace the history behind the Nazca Lines. Many theories came into the limelight about the history of Nazca Lines but none of them was proved. The drawings of ancient Peruvians perplexes everyone with their geometric shapes and most of them were created using the wood stacks and ropes. According to this theory of creation, wooden stacks were put into the grounds and the edges were tied with ropes and then clear the mud. The wooden stacks found at the end of the lines in Nazca desert supports this theory. The dry and windless weather of this locale, made Nazca Lines to protect from natural erosion.

Beliefs Behind Nazca Lines...

According to many theories and local legends, Nazca people have created these lines to communicate with Gods. They believed that the Gods roamed over this field and recognised their existence. Some people believe that Nazca Lines were drawn to communicate with Aliens. Many people claimed that they even saw the UFOs in this area.

Unfortunately, Nazca Lines are getting damaged due to the human mistakes and many incidents which took place there caused severe damage to these lines.

Very soon, we EeYuva will come up with one more interesting locale of Nazca. If you have more stories on it, please do share with us...

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