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Why Bone Church Of Czech Republic Is A Must Visit Destination?

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Intriguing destinations and monuments across the blue planet always stand atop the traveller's bucket list. Sometimes creepy locales create much enthusiasm to the visitors with its unique tales and architectures. We EeYuva are always in search of those destinations to lure the readers and today we have come up with such a spine-shivering place where thousands of skulls and bones welcome the visitors with different architectures and historical legends. To your surprise it's not a scary destination but, it is a place of worship i.e, Sedlec Ossuary aka Bone Church. Give a quick scroll down to know more about this skull church of Czech Republic.

Sedlec Ossuary Aka Bone Church

Sedlec Ossuary Aka Bone Church, Czech Republic

Nestled in the heart of Kutna Hora city, Czech Republic, Sedlec Ossuary seems like a normal chapel from outside but, once you step into the church, definitely tens of thousands of bones and skulls make your jaw drop. It tells us how a human brain can do miracles with bones and skulls. To reach this destination one needs to get down at Prague, the capital town of the Czech Republic. From there it takes one hour to reach Kutna Hora.

History Of Sedlec Ossuary

Bone Church, Czech Republic

According to the local tales, during the 13th century, a monk went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem from Sedlec. He brought holy soil from Jerusalem and scattered it in a church cemetery. From then, local people got buried in that place and later it became a popular graveyard. Sadly, during the 14th century, Europe witnessed plague which sucked out nearly 30,000 lives and all those dead bodies were added to this cemetery.

Bone Church, Czech Republic, Skull Church

During 15th century, a local community came forward to construct a Gothic styled chapel at this cemetery. Later the bones and skulls were buried underneath the church which was used as an ossuary. Until 1870, all those bones were kept at that place but when a wooden carver named Frantisek Rint was appointed to arrange the bones in an order. He has done miracles with those bones which draw the eyeballs of the tourists from across the world. He decorated the church with more than 40000 human bones which were bleached. The beams of the chapel was decorated with skulls and bones in different forms like large chalices, baroque candelabras, candle holders, pyramids, etc.

Skull Church Czech Republic, Bones Church

The skull garlands and the strange designs of bones over the walls of the church recollects the sets of Pirates of the Caribbean. One can also catch a glimpse of a family crest (coat of arms) on the premises of the church. Crowds of visitors and history lovers visit this place to know more about the historical legends which are associated with the place.

Human Bone Chandelier

Human Bone Chandelier Czech Republic

The cynosure of this locale is a chandelier which is hung from the ceiling of the church. To your surprise, it consists of all the bones which are present in the human body. The architecture of the chandelier at the bones church amaze the visitors with its unique looks. Every nook and cranny of the church resonate the tales of plague victims and Hussite Wars.

A trip to this bone church may bring anxiety, shivering, enthusiasm but never forget that you are in a place which is associated with beliefs and history.

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