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Wat Ban Rai, Asia's Largest Ceramic Mosaic Temple

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Thailand, a beautiful destination for travellers to cherish the beauty of pristine beaches, royal monuments, remnants of ancient temples and moreover it deals with teachings of Buddhism. Visitors fall in love with the untouched beauty of the islands, ornate temples and modern architectures.

We EeYuva are working hard to bring out every part of the nation to our readers and today we have come up with an astounding mosaic temple 'Wat Ban Rai' which will astonish you with its colourful artwork and spirituality.

Wat Ban Rai

wat ban rai temple thailand

Wat Ban Rai is nestled in the heart of Dan Khun Thot district, Thailand and is just a few stones away from Korat. It is one of the temples which is constructed in the shape of an elephant head on a turtle body. Wat Ban Tai is a Buddhist monastery where a group of Buddhists offer prayer to the Lord Buddha.

wat ban rai temple thailand

The temple came into limelight when Luang Phor Khun, a famous Buddhist monk decided to reconstruct the temple by collecting funds from the local people. Till his last breath, he preached Buddhism to the devotees. Now one can see his mammoth bronze statue atop the temple beside the tall Buddha statue.

Asia's Largest Mosaic Temple

wat ban rai temple thailand

It is considered as Asia's Largest Mosaic temple where 20 millions of mosaic pieces were used to construct the temple which enhanced the beauty of the temple with its colourful works. Situated in the middle of a pond, this 42 meters high and four-storied temple spellbound the visitors with a 520-ton elephant head on the body of a turtle.

To reach the temple, one need to walk through a bridge which is guarded by two multi headed serpents (idol). Words fall short to describe the beauty of the architecture, one must visit the place to enjoy to the fullest. The outer wall of the temple showcases the carvings of various animals like bull, turtle, crocodile, horse and tiger which are sacred to Buddhist followers.

The interior walls of the temple are beautifully crafted with the impressive mosaic work which displays the life of Buddha from his birth to enlightenment. Every corner of the temple resonates Buddhist preaching and their lifestyle in the form of vibrant mosaic work. Amidst the temple, there is a place where the visitors can donate their offerings to the temple. While moving towards the top floor of the temple, the spectacular paintings on Buddhism take the devotees into a spiritual world. One can spend a few minutes atop the temple so that the cool breezes and panoramic vistas of the surroundings will rejuvenate them from a hectic lifestyle.

One can also donate to the temple in exchange for a small gift which is wrapped in a red pouch and is hooked at the top. One need to pull the cover with the help of a long stick and it is really interesting to see what is inside the wrapped gift. If you are visiting the temple any time soon, never give a miss to get your surprise gift.

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