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A beautiful scenic location with aromatic wine production owns the very stupendous Wachau Valley which is in Austria. This picturesque landscape is observed on the Danube River in Lower Austria.

We EeYuva are today introducing you to the picture-perfect location where wine production is their primary occupation.

Wacahu Valley nestled in between lush green grapes and apricot trees along with high greenery slopes is the major tourist attraction of Austria.

What Do They Grow For Wine…


Obviously for the production of wine one will definitely use grapes and cultivation of grapes is the renowned occupation of that region.

They use wide varieties of grapes like white grapes namely dry Rieslings and Gruner Veltliners. Along with that most aromatic Apricots are also observed in this region.

If you look at the location you will awe-struck with the carpet of lush green grapes and apricot trees spread all over the valley.

Secret Behind Wine Production….


The main factor that is responsible for the ages of wine production is the ultimate temperature. The constant difference in temperatures between cold nights and dry mornings is the reason or secret behind ripening of the grapes. Thus, became the ultimate destination for wine production. Though there is no adequate rainfall in the valley, with the help of irrigation this valley is indulged in wine production.

Historical Monuments…

There are many historical monuments associated with the valley. They are as follows.


  • 'Melk Abbey' is a monastic Catholic abbey constructed overlooking the Danube River. The architecture involved in this construction is mind-blowing.


  • 'Schallaburg Castle' is a beautiful castle which is near the Wachau Valley. It homes a museum named Schallaburg Museum which hosts events depending upon the theme.


  • 'Steiner Tor' is an entrance or gate situated in the city of Krems. This is built in Baroque style and uses as a landmark of the city.


  • 'Gottweig Abbey', 'Burgruine Aggstein' and many more to list.

Overall, this beautiful valley is associated with traditional wine production and trust us everyone will get amazed with the panoramic views of this charming valley.

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