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Yes, you believe it or not Vontimitta is a temple which is dedicated to Lord Rama and guess what this temple was constructed by two thieves by the name Mittudu and Vontudu. These two thieves were the extreme devotees of Lord Rama. Vontudu and Mittudu were the robbers-turned-devotees of Lord Rama.

We EeYuva on the account of Tholi Ekadashi, have come up with this exclusive temple which has great history associated with it. Have a look at this excluisve details and feel blessed…

All About Vontimitta…

Vontimitta Kodandarama Swamy temple is a sacred place which is dedicated to Lord Rama. It is believed that, Lord Rama, Lakshmana along with Goddesses Sita have spent some time here in this location during the period of Aranyavasam.

After constructing the temple Vontudu and Mittudu had turned themselves into statues as a sign of sacrifice. Later this temple was built by Chola and Vijayanagara kings.


This temple is the perfect epitome of Vijayanagara architectural style. Each ceiling and walls of this extraordinary temple was carved in such a way that it is a treat for architecture lovers to watch out this location.

This marvellous temple dates back to 16th century and imagine the hard work they must have gone through while constructing the temple.

What Makes This Temple So Epic???

There are many such things connected to this temple, those are worth knowing…Have a look!!!


It is one such epic temple which is home to a rare happening. Here the main deities are Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. Then what about Lord Hanuman??? It is a known fact that, where ever you go the idol of Lord Rama will definitely be in association with Lord Hanuman. But, here in this temple, Lord Hanuman statue is separately placed from Lord Rama.

While Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana visited this location, Sita was very thirsty and Lord Rama shot an arrow towards the ground which gave birth to two tanks named Rama Theertham and Lakshmana Theertham.


Bammera Potana who is a renowned Telugu Poet known for translating the great Srimad Bhagavatham from Sanskrit to Telugu lived in Vontimitta.

One more great poet named Vavilakolanu Subba Rao also known as Andhra Valmiki who is famous for translating Valmiki's Ramayana into Telugu had spent his life after retirement at Vontimitta and also dedicated his house to the temple of Vontimitta Kodandarama Swamy.

The saint-poet Annamacharya also visited this temple and composed songs praising Lord Rama.

Additional Information….

This temple is now under the trust of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD). This temple is officially selected by the Andhra Pradesh government where the birthday celebrations of Lord Rama is said to happen.


Earlier to the state division, the official birthday celebrations were said to happen in Bhadrachalam which is now in the state of Telangana.

Where To Locate And How To Reach Vontimitta???

Vontimitta is a town in Rajampet Taluka, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh State. This place can be easily accessible from Kadapa. Rajampet is the nearest Railway Station. Bus shuttle from Kadapa is always available through roadways.

Guys, we feel this temple is the perfect package of architecture, great history and splendid significance. Hope you like the reality of this temple. Then, why late??? Grab this opportunity and visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Rama.
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