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Almost all the North Indian locations are the coolest places in India. That is reverse when we consider in South India. South India is the region which is full of humid and dryness. But, do you know what??? There is one such place in South India which is very cool irrespective of the season and to your surprise it snows sometimes.

Yes, apart from all the places in South India Lambasingi in Andhra Pradesh state is the place where the people experience snowfall.

Isn't it amazing??? Yes, nevertheless of any season this place is always cool and guess what here the sunrise happens at morning 10 am.


What if you are located in a place which is very cool and pleasant??? That energises you to the moon and back. And, what if you are asked to spend some time in a location which is renowned as the coolest place??? You will scream out loud and pack your bags to spend some quality time…. Am I right??? Yes, of course...

Lambasingi is a small village in the Eastern ghats of Vishakapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh state. This place rests at an altitude of 1000m above the sea level.


Lambasingi which is called as 'Kashmir Of South India', is carpeted with deciduous forest and several coffee, pine and apple trees. It supports wildlife in a very huge way. This place is home to Indian Bison and tigers.


Imagine a day where you are welcomed by a cool breeze which is naturally produced from the lush green trees that are surrounded by you!!! We say, it is a gateway to heaven!!!

How To Reach This Place???

Road way is available through which you can reach this place by bus as Lambasingi is 101 Km from Vishakapatnam. Chintapalle is the nearest railway stop to Lambasingi as it is 20 Km. Vishakapatnam is the nearest airport.

November to January is the best time to visit Lambasingi to experience that cool atmosphere in South India.

The nearest tourist spots from Lambasingi are Vishakapatnam which is famous for its beaches, Araku and Borra Caves.

Feel deeply connected to nature by visiting this enthralling location…

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