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Normally, it is a human tendency that when summer season is hitting us with extreme temperature we urge God for instantly cooling the weather. And, in winter when the temperature drops down we again pray God to increase th temperature of Sun to get some warmth in our body. Also, do you ever observe the temperature of different seasons in India??? It will never exceed or reach to that disaster range in whatever may be the season it is.

Then how about these two cities population who are living in the places which are recorded as the most coolest cities in the world???

When we consider the coldest cities in the world, two cities from Russia occupies their place in the list where the cities are decorated by snowfall for about 250-270 days in a year. Amazed??? Yes, we EeYuva even felt the same imagining the extreme cold in those places… Scroll down to know more about those cool places and have fun…



This is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia located on the south of the Arctic Circle. This city experiences extreme cold conditions in winter and cannot be reached by Road. The only major way to reach this place is either by airways or by Lena River. Many of the locals from Siberia migrated to this region in early centuries.


Speaking about the climatic conditions, it has the coldest winter temperatures. In normal summer season the temperature would be 19.5 degree Celsius and in winter it is -38.6 degree Celsius. Imagine the climatic conditions there??? OMG!!! we cannot even bare a second to live there. All the houses, cars and everything will be filled with full of snow. The highest temperature recorded in winter is -64.4 degree Celsius.



This is an industrial city in Russia which is the first coldest city in the whole world which is located above the Arctic Circle. This region has very long and extremely cod winters and very short with normal temperature summers. The mid-night sun is visible throughout the whole night in this location. Here in this region the sun doesn't rise. Much of the locations associated with this region are treeless also called as Tundra. This is because the low temperatures in that region is the extreme reason behind Tundra.


An interesting festival is celebrated by Sakha people in these regions that is Yhyakh. Sakha people celebrate New Year twice in a year. According to Russian people, they celebrate new year in Winter and according to their tradition in Summer.


As the Summers are very short which lasts for only three months, this celebrations are said to happen in the middle of the June month. Here according to their calendars June 22nd is considered as the longest day in the year.

On this day all the women and girls decorate trees and people start the festival by sprinkling Mare's milk on everyone and on earth seeking all the good luck. They enjoy the festival by dances, songs, traditional dishes and all.

These two regions are inside the Polar Circles, where the temperature is very low. So, when in Russia, make a visit to these places to feel the extreme cold and have fun...

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