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Every Hindu in the world is familiar with the birthplace of 'Lord Rama' that is Ayodhya. This city has spread with popular Hindu shrines and hence it is renowned as the most sacred place.

Ayodhya is located on the banks of river Saryu in Faridabad district of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is one among the Saptapuri (seven most important pilgrimage sites for Hindu's).

Apart from the Ayodhya dispute, this place is filled with numerous temples and we say it is the must visit the place to feel the divinity. The entire place is filled with the chanting of mantras, the ringings of temple bells, the fervour of visiting devotees to temples. These are such pleasant feelings when people visit Ayodhya.

So, we EeYuva thought of sharing some details of temples and places in Ayodhya. Have a look...

Hanuman Garhi


As we all know that, where there is Lord Rama there will be the compulsory attendance of Lord Hanuman. And we also know that he is the strong disciple of Lord Rama. The temple named Hanuman Garhi is sited in Ayodhya which is believed that Lord Hanuman is there to take care of Ayodhya. Here you can see Bal Hanuman on the lap of Mata Anjani (Mother of Hanuman). One has to climb 70 steps to reach the Mandir.

Kanak Bhawan


The main temple of Ayodhya which is dedicated to Lord Rama and Goddesses Sita is Kanak Bhawan. This temple acquired the name Kanak as Lord Rama along with Sita are exquisitely adorned with complete Gold. Here Gold meaning Kanak. The interior of the temple is archaeologically so rich. It is very near to Hanuman Garhi mandir. According to legends, it is said that Queen Kaikayi, Lord Rama's stepmother has gifted this place to Goddesses Sita.

Mani Parvat

This is the most sacred place in Ayodhya. According to local legends, this is the place where some parts of the prestigious Sanjivni Booti fell off while Lord Hanuman was carrying it to Lanka to save Lord Lakshman. This is a hillock which heights about 65 feet.

Ram Ki Paidi


These are the series of ghats on the bank of the river Saryu. Devotees take ritual baths to wipe away sins before visiting the temples in Ayodhya.

Ram Janmabhoomi

This is the place where Lord Rama was born and Temple dedicated to him was built in the remembrance of Lord Rama. But it got demolished and a mosque was constructed at the same place. Later, Hindus destroyed Mosque to reconstruct Rama Temple there. It is an ongoing discussion about whether to accommodate that place to Hindu's or Muslims.

Apart from these, Ayodhya has many worth visiting places in and around it. One cannot miss this site seeing the place in their lifetime.

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