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We hope that all the ladies and gentleman out there have celebrated this romantic Valentine week in a very lavish way. All the lovebirds wait for this special day all year and celebrate it with their beau in a special way... Then what about married couples? How will you celebrate your 'Valentine's Day'? Just by going to a long drive or hanging out for a movie or dinner?

No... We EeYuva suggests you to reminisce your beautiful D-Day by visiting the below mentioned special places...

'Marriage' is a very special and notable event where you will be officially announced as a spouse to your better half. But have you heard the term 'Renewal of marriage'? No, surprised with the term right? It is a perfect event where married couples get a special chance to renew their marriage vows and promises.

In many countries, on the account of Valentine's Day, renewal of marriages takes place. Yes, renewing their marriage vows is something that strengthens the commitment and takes you back to the beautiful D-Day; it makes you roll back and remember the vows you took on that special day of your life...

Renewal ceremony is grandly celebrated by booking hotels, buying new wedding dresses and hiring photographers. The main reason behind this reaffirming celebration is overcoming the difficult situations you faced in your relationship.

Wanna know where these 'Renewal' events happen?

We EeYuva are here with a few places where 'Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony' take place. Visit these places and renew your vows on this special 'Valentine's Day'. Trust us this will bring a new change in your love life...

The Church Of England in the United Kingdom welcomes you with the “Thanksgiving for marriage” service for the renewal of vows.

church of england

The American City Pittsburgh


This state celebrated a renewal of wedlock ceremony with 1,000 couples in 2007 as a part of its 250th city anniversary celebration.

Miami University

miami university

In 2009, the university officials planned an event for the renewal of vows with 1,087 couples who are the alumni of the university.

Western Michigan University

michigan university

In 2016, this university held the event with 1,201 couples.

Guys, if you are married and want to renew your promises then visit these places and lead a happy life.

Till now we have talked about the married couples, Singles are you worried? Don't panic we EeYuva have come up with some special churches which offer you with the prayer called 'Novena'.

Novena is a special prayer where singles worship Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary by burning candles, kneeling or by placing flowers for their loved ones. Novenas are mostly offered by Roman Catholic Church, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox Christians and Lutherans.

candle prayer

The places offering this special facility are as follows...

In Africa: Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria

In Europe and North American: Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada

In India: Kerala

In the Philippines and Melanesia: Cebu City, Loboc, Melanesia

So, guys, if you are singles, make a move to these places and offer Novena prayer and pray to change your status from 'Single' to 'In-Relation'...

We think this information is quite enough to satisfy your wish, then what are you waiting for? Both Couples and singles head towards your suitable places and have fun...

...Happy Valentine's Day...

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