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A monolithic inselberg formation which is observed in central Australia is alluring tourists with its amazing charm.

Uluru is a mountain like rock formation which is a sacred place for the Australian aboriginal groups called by the name Anangu. As soon as you look at Uluru, you might feel like 'how could this marvel rise from seemingly nowhere???'.

Even many experts failed to look at its history. But, keeping them aside, this location is a travel spot for all the nature lovers and adventure freaks.

The main feature of Uluru which is attracting adrenaline enthusiasts is its colour changing capacity. Yes, believe it or not, this extraordinary formation changes its colour according to the sun shade.

It almost turns from brown, orange, red and finally to grey. Many of the travel freaks who want to satisfy their adrenaline rush do trekking at this rock formation and feel extremely heroic.


Uluru itself is a natural wonder, and guess what, this rock mountain is surrounded by springs, waterholes, rock caves and some amazing paintings.

Uluru which is also known as Ayers rock along with Kata Tjuta are the two major attractions of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Uluru is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Uluru is Australia's most notable natural landmarks which stands at a height of 348m from the ground, 863m above the sea level.

Many native mammals are present near this Uluru like Mulgara, Woma Python, bats and so on.


The government had taken many steps for the development of tourism to this area. They have taken special land and constructed accommodation resorts which was called by the name Yulara resort but now it is now renamed as Ayers Rock Resort.

There is a warning board near Uluru which says, climbing this rock mountain is prohibited. But still many visitors and climbers tend to climb this mountain with the help of Anangu guide as this rock formation is their sacred place.

There are some rules to be followed when they are desperate to climb Uluru, they are…

  • Person with perfect medical condition can only climb the rock…

  • Climbers with Vertigo are not allowed to climb….

  • Climbing is only allowed when there are low winds….

  • The top of the rock mountain is quite windy….

  • People have to drink plenty of water while climbing….

  • It takes an hour to climb the rock…


Due to some miss usage of the Uluru rock mountain it is now strictly prohibited in climbing the rock formation. All the travel freaks and adventure lovers are visiting this place in bulk to experience this splendid moment before it gets shut. It is officially announced that, climbing to Uluru is strictly prohibiting from 26 October 2019.

Here, the Anangu local people request visitors not to take photographs of this epic mountain. It is said that, some forbidden lands and some hidden parts of Uluru gets revealed with photography.

Overall it is a treat to watch out this place and moreover this increases our adrenaline rush by climbing this windy mountain. So, before it gets shut down, visit this epic land and gather some hilarious moments….

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