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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Sikkim, the beautiful tiny hill state flourishes with an abundance of scenic vistas and natural tourist spots. Tens of thousands of tourists from different locations love to visit this place. Every nook and corner of the state enthral the visitors with its own charm. From nature spots to adventure sports, everything here is something special to the tourists. Now, Sikkim is emerging as a thriving destination among tourists with its picturesque landscapes and peaceful serenity. A state which was intricate to access until a decade ago now gets 4,000-5,000 tourists every year.

Imagine how beautiful your trip would be amid the tranquil environ and lofty snow-crowned Himalayas. The misty breezes, chirping sounds of birds, different species of flora and fauna of the locale make your day more memorable.


Nathu La Pass is a major tourist attraction these days. Part of the majestic Himalayan dwellings, this landlocked state is resplendent with a wholesome experience from snowy mountain peaks to the river valleys and meadows to striking flora and fauna to high altitude lakes and hot springs. Finally, it is an impeccable destination to get relaxed from a routine lifestyle.

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