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Nevertheless of any location, if we find a waterfall our heart melts away and we love to spend the whole day regardless of any situation. Agree or not??? Yes, of course! And what if you find a town which is nestled in between beautiful waterfalls??? That is out of the box imagination, but we say no, it is not beyond our expectations or beyond God's creation. It's a reality check. Yes, there is a town in China which is surrounded by cute waterfalls and trust us that place has got some really crazy scenic views.

So, we EeYuva who always comes up with the cool and charming stuff associated with travel and tourism, are going to discuss about Furong Ancient Town in Hunan Province, China today. Want to know more about the enchanting beauty of this waterfalls town??? Then read away this article and know more…

All About The Location…


Furong Ancient Town aka Hibiscus Town in China is best known for its waterfalls. This place is the major tourist attraction in China which is mesmerising all the nature lovers with its amazing views and waterfalls. These waterfalls which fall from the cliffs of the town falls into the You River.

After the shooting of the famous Chinese flick Hibiscus Town, this town is famously known as Hibiscus Town.


The entire location is carpeted with lush green mountains and waterfalls. The drop of the waterfalls heigh about 60 meters. One can crystal clearly hear the sounds of the droplets even from 10 miles distance.


Imagine a day, when you open the doors of your room in the morning and you will get to visualize the cute little refreshing waterfalls wishing you a splendid 'Good Morning'??? WOW!!! That's amazing right??? Yes, if you would love to experience this kind of relishing moments then one has to definitely visit this stupendous place in China.

Guys, hurry up and book your tickets, don't ever dare to miss visiting this kind of stupendous places in the world.

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