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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Most of the time we observe a mountain which is full of snow and sometimes we even tend to see some mountains which are filled with lush green trees spread all over it. But, have you ever seen a mountain which is filled with rainbow colours all over???

So, we EeYuva are here today to introduce you to the Mountain which is painted in Rainbow colour that is none other than 'Vinicunca' also known as 'Rainbow Mountain'.

What Is The Reason Behind The 'Rainbow Colour'???

The rainbow colours are formed due to some sediment of minerals present at that place which gives the mountain an epic look throughout the year. Do you know that this place is listed as the “Top 100 Places To Visit Before You Die”, in the National Geographic list???

Why Is This Place Attracting Tourists???


The ultimate reason is its stupendous colours. There is no need of explaining in detail about this place. Imagine a place which is filled with fabulous colours everywhere??? And that too mountain range which is painted in colours??? OMG!!! it's beyond our imagination right!!!


This place is not only attracting with its colours but also with animals like Horses, Llamas and Alpacas which are spread all over the mountain and dragging one's heart to visit this place.

What To Do Here???


The main thing that attracts the tourists and especially the adventure freaks is 'Trekking', isn't it?? Yes, so all you have to do is trek all the way in this colourful mountain. And, who would not love to take photographs of this fantastic location??? So, carry your camera to click and store the never-ending views of this beautiful mountain.

Here Are Some Facts Of This Place That Everyone Must Know…


  • It is at an altitude of 5,200m above the sea level

  • It is widely spread with 14 different colours formed due to sediment minerals

  • Weather can change rapidly within a span of an hour, it may rain, snow may fall or it may be clearly viewed in the extreme light of Sun.

  • Temperatures may suddenly reach to '0' degrees

What Is The Best Time To Visit This Place???

As already said, weather changes within an hour so be prepared for any sort of natural calamity. This place can be visited at any time and the best time is from March to November.

How To Reach There???

With the help of Peru Hop buses, local buses and by flight. All the journeys start from Lima to Cusco.

What Are The Essentials Required To Trek???

As you already know the requirements of trekking, we are once again reminding you to take leather jackets, trekking shoes, a cap, water bottles, sanitary napkins, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and a small backpack.

Guys, we think this information is enough to reach this place and enjoy the marvellous views of this location. So, don't miss out to reach this place with your friends and we say kick-ass your journey to 'Rainbow Mountains' with a lot of fun…

(Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

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