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The turquoise blue water surrounded by lush green trees on one hand and a roadway on the other hand is a splendid feeling to watch, right??? Yes. And what about a continuous tornado in a lake??? OMG!!! Words fall short to explain the scenic views of that lake especially at tornado time. Exactly, if given a chance to visit that lake which is effected by tornado the whole year, what is your feeling??? Firstly it would make you feel tense to visit, but it will relish your moments once you visit that lake.

We EeYuva are exclusively here to introduce you with the lake which has a hole in it and which exactly looks like a tornado.

Lake Berryessa…

Napa County which is the renowned place for wine production is the home to this lake. Lake Berryessa aka Glory Hole in vaca mountains was formed by the construction of Monticello Dam on Putah Creek.

This lake is the largest man-made lake in California. The hole which looks like tornado is a man-made spillway which was constructed to control the overflow of the water in the lake. Actually speaking California has suffered from drought for several years. Recently the rains in California has overflowed the lake and hence this hole looked like a tornado.

All About The Hole In The Lake…


The lake is spread over 20,000 acres when it is filled with rainwater. On the south-east of the dam there is an open bell-mouth spillway which controls the overflow of the water from lake.

This spillway is 72 feet in diameter, this hole is a pipe which has straight 200 feet drop. The spillway has a maximum capacity of 48,000 cfs water. This operates only when there is excess water in the lake.

Spillway Operations…

As said above, California has faced many problems with severe droughts. And, thus shuttered spillway was re-opened in 2017 for the heavy rainfall. In 1997 one woman has lost her life after being squeezed by the spillway.


Fishing and Safe Boating are allowed in this beautiful lake. And the California health management has issued a statement that eating a fish from lake Berryessa is safe. Thus fishing has boomed in this lake premises.

Whatever may be the specific reason, try to visit this lake when you head to California especially to view that hole in the lake.

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