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The 'Dragon Temple' In 'Bangkok' Is Quite Amazing!!!

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Yes, of course it is a 'Dragon Temple'. Are you in a dilemma that, whether there would be any temple dedicated to 'Dragon'??? Keep all your misconceptions aside, just follow us and read out our article which in detail explains you about the Dragon Temple in Bangkok…Here we go…

It is not a temple dedicated to Dragon or something. Instead, this is a temple which is designed with a red and green dragon and the temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha.

Where To Locate???

This impeccable temple is located at Nakhon Pathom Province, around 40 Km from Bangkok.

What Is This Temple About???


Dragon Temple aka Wat Samphran is a temple purely dedicated to Lord Buddha but got the name as Dragon Temple because of its architecture. This shrine has a giant gold Buddha statue along with many small shrines and other statues.

About The Incredible Architecture…

Wat Samphran temple is constructed in a total of 17 storey building which is painted in Pink colour. And the most interesting thing about the construction is, this huge building had been wrapped up by a gigantic dragon around it.

Guess what, there is a hallow space inside the whole dragon and people can climb inside the dragon to reach the top of the shrine.


Though it is very interesting to watch and travel around, this is not yet considered as a major tourist spot by the Bangkok officials. Nevertheless, of any promotions, this spot is visited by many tourists every now and then.

There is no clarity about the building construction like Who built it??? When did this construction happened???

Whatever may be the reasons or circumstances, this seems to be very crazy… Looking at that huge dragon wrapped around a tall building is something interesting right??? Yes, so why late when in Bangkok make a must visit to this location and have fun…

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