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Written by : LifeStyle Team

All the fun lovers who would love to enjoy their weekends mostly chose to spend their beautiful time in lounges, cafes and resorts.

And, most of them get bored by visiting them regularly. So, for a change, a new lounge has been introduced in Chennai with board games.

For people who find lounges and cafés to be boring places to hang out, 'The Board Game Lounge' opened in Chennai can turn out to be a whole recreational activity.

Chitra Appasamy and Arjun Sukumaran, a husband-wife duo has designed a lounge out of their love for board games.

"My husband and I have been running a monthly meet-up group called 'Chennai Board Gamers' since 2015," Chitra said.

"We have been to some board game cafés in Bangalore, Singapore. We thought it was time for Chennai to have something like that as well," she added.

The lounge has a collection of more than 250 games made over a span of about seven years, is an exemplary hangout place for board game lovers.


Chitra said, "We have more than 250 board games with different levels of difficulty, we help people chose the right game after speaking to them."

Enthusiasts can find the apt game according to their liking, experience and time. The shortest board game out of the collection will take around 15 minutes to complete while the longest might go on for about 8-9 hours.

"My wife and I have been playing board games for around seven years. We do plan for workshops, events, tournaments down the line," explained Arjun.

Arjun and Chitra together handle a 'Board Game Lounge' account on Facebook and Instagram, which people can look up to for any updates.

People can enjoy their time playing 'A Feast for Odin', 'Firenze', 'The Castles of Burgundy', 'Glass Road', 'Paradox' to name a few.

One of the visitors appreciated the initiative and said, "The best part about this is that you can meet a new bunch of people and you just don't do small talk but put your brain also. This is a great alternative for any other recreational activity."

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