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A black-hatted witch of Bolivia sells dead cats, llama fetuses and tries to tell about the future of the visitors in a mysterious way. Every corner of the locale frighten the tourists with dead animal fetuses, strange things, soapstones, snakes and many other things. Very soon one will realise that they are in a unique and bizarre destination which is well known as 'Witch Market' of Bolivia.

Nestled in the mid of Bolivian capital city, La Paz, the Witch Market which is very famous and the most crowded place with hundreds of tourists from different countries. It is a perfect place to capture the pre-Christian culture. A couple of vendors across the market offers different type of items like Bolivian handcrafts, dried frogs, starfishes, owl feathers and many more bizarre things. Visitors fond to buy these things and mostly dried frogs with a cigarette in mouth. All together renders spine-chilling moments to the visitors mainly who believes in witches and magic.

Witch Market Bolivia

Locale people believe that a person who was born either in a standing posture or with six fingers or toes will be blessed with special magical powers. Most of the people put their faith on Pachamama, a revered goddess of the locale who is known as Mother Earth. Tens of thousands of spiritual seekers throng to this EL Mercado de las Burjas which is also known as Witch Market. Don't be frightened! It's not the place where black magic is practised but it is the place of White magic which is used for good health and prosperity. Here one can see the Shamans aka local healers, who has faith in jungle spirits and speaks to the trees of the forest. They use their powers to cure illness and other bad happenings of the people.

Witch Market Bolivia

Bolivian people used to believe Kallawayas, who have a strong connection with mountains and Earth. People call Kallawayas to prepare a feast for Pachamama with a llama. There is a strong belief in the locals, before constructing a house they used to sacrifice llama to the goddess and they buried the llama under the house, doing this ritual will bring good luck and safety to the workers.

witch Market Bolivia

For those who can't afford live llama will offer mummified dead llama. Tourists love to know about the fortune recited by local women dressed up in a traditional attire. The market will be kept open from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Never give a miss to this Witch Market when you are on for a Bolivian trip. Do you know any interesting and mysterious places, then do a share with us?

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