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Planning to cherish this Sankranti in a lavish ambience amid the vibrant cultural traditions? Then, Konaseema of Andhra Pradesh is a perfect destination to lure you. Vast sprawled coconut groves, cascading river Godavari, turquoise waters of Bay of Bengal, religious shrines and many are there to enhance your festive mood. Here is a way how one can celebrate Sankranti in Konaseema.

Konaseema - God's Own Creation


Konaseema, a splendorous destination of Andhra Pradesh which attracts the visitors with its true village nativity. Sankranti is one of the auspicious festivals of this delta region and is celebrated for four days. Apart from the tourists, people who got settled in different parts of the world will visit their native places to immerse in the festive mood. Irrespective of age, everyone will take part in the vibrant traditions of the regions like bullock cart rides, kite flying, cockfights and many other possessions.


The very first day of the festival is celebrated as 'Bhogi' on which people take ritual baths before sunrise and drape themselves in new clothes. Later, everyone gathers at a place and enjoy the warmth of a bonfire. They believe that the bonfire will remove the obstacles of their life and is a sign to begin a novel life. They embellish their premises with colourful floral patterns (Rangolis). After that, women worship 'gobbemma' (which is made with cow dung) amid the traditional beats and songs. It is a beautiful ceremony in which people get closer to nature. In the evening, elders perform 'Bhogi Pallu' a ritual in which they pour Juju bees over the heads of their kids to get rid of evil things.


Sankranti In Konaseema

Sankranti is considered as the biggest festival of Andhra Pradesh and especially in the Godavari region. During this harvesting festival, people would like to spend their time with nature. Every tradition observed during this festival is aimed to get closer to nature. The main theme behind making rangolis with rice floor is to feed the ants and insects.

On Sankranti, most of the people visit temples and their dear ones to spend happiest festival moments. The traditional dances of Gangireddulu, chantings of Haridasulu, stories of Pittala Dora and a few other traditional events will make your day memorable.

Prabhalateertham – Kanuma

Prabhalateertham Jagganna Thota, Konaseema

Kanuma is one of the significant festivals to farmers. On this day, they adorn their cattle with colourful decorations and worship them. One thing to mention about Kanuma in Konaseema is 'Prabhala Utsavam'. Tens of thousands of people from across the Konaseema visit Jagganna Thota to capture the colourful processions of 400 years old tradition.

prabhalatheertham Jagganthota Konaseema

'Prabhalu' is specially decorated bamboo arches which are decorated with vibrant clothes and they are considered as the replicas of Lord Shiva. More than 150 villages of Konaseema take part in this tradition and compete with each other to make the tallest Prabha. The festival is more popular in areas like Jagganna Thota, Ambajipeta and Kothapeta. Mukkamala, Irusumanda, Pulletikurru, Gunnepalli Agraharam, Gangalakurru, Vyagreswaram, and Gangalakurthi Agraharam villages will come with dazzling Prabhalu in a procession through the fields and streams. Words fall short to describe the beauty of this event one must have to see and enjoy. Definitely, it will bring an extravaganza to your Sankranti trip.

Apart from this one can also pay a visit to the nearby places which thrills you with the village traditions and scenic beauty.

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