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Do you all remember the sensational 'Salt Satyagraha' commenced by the father of our nation??? If not, read this article and know the importance of this noteworthy act 'Salt Satyagraha'. And, why are we talking about this??? To remark the importance of this tremendous act, there is a memorial constructed in Gujarat remembering the sacrifices and braveness shown by out heroic leaders on those non-independence days.

We EeYuva have collected all the information regarding this unique yet very important memorial. Have a look…

All About 'Salt Satyagraha'…


Salt Satyagraha aka Salt March, Dandi March and Dandi Satyagraha was a revolutionary act of non-violence in colonial India. This march was first started by Father Of Our Nation- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, along with his 80 trusted volunteers or followers.


This 24-day march started from 12 March 1930 and lasted on 6 April 1930. They had marched 10 miles in a day covering 240 miles in 24 days from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi. At last, this march brought numerous inspiration to millions of Indians and made them to participate in the struggle of Independence.


National Salt Satyagraha Memorial in Dandi is an experiential monument which reminds the fierce stages that all the satyagrahis had experienced in order to break the Salt Law imposed on Indians by the Britishers and also to get independence from the colonial British Rule. This project was first endorsed by the Ministry of Culture, Government Of India.

Implementation Of Memorial…


As soon as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi thought of constructing a monument replicating the Salt March, many officials had discussed and at last IIT Bombay was later assigned the task of completing the memorial. They worked a lot on creating the various elements conceptualised in the Salt March like the artificial lake, statues, murals, memorial structure.

Detailing The Memorial…


The monument is very stylish with two hands raised up in the sky and a large-sized Salt like structure places in the hands forming a canopy. There will be a life-like statue of Mahatma Gandhi under the canopy. The entire monument is inscribed or installed with LED lights all over.


The night vision of this beautiful monument with bright LED lights are spellbinding. Followed by the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, 80 followers who supported Gandhiji was also carved beside the monument.

Solar Trees…


There are 40 solar trees developed near to this monument, which intake all the solar energy during day time and use it in the night without any power connection and high-class batteries. Also, the generated energy in the day time will be transferred to the electricity grid.

Artificial Lake…

To recreate the seashore aspect of Salt Satyagraha an artificial lake was created which is non-permeable, geo textile based. This whole lake is filled with rain water.


This memorial is located at Dandi, Navsari which is connected by NH228 which is also known as Sabarmati-Dandi Highway. The nearest railway station is Navsari, The nearest domestic airport is Surat, International airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai.

This is all about a very important memorial. Once visit this location and feel the extreme patriotism and the beauty of the architecture of this memorial.

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