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Pillalamarri is nothing but a Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree is one such tree which grows on another plant and it is officially recognised or considered as the national tree of Republic India. Banyan tree most often spreads its wings occupying a larger area and in India, there are two largest Banyan trees among which the one which is in Telangana state is attracting tourists with its natural beauty.

Yes, and it is called by the name Pillalamarri which simply means 'Children's Banyan'. So, we EeYuva are here to share the exclusive details about this huge tree. Have a look…



Pillalamarri is a giant tree which is said to be 700 years old. In Mahabubnagar district of Telangana state, this giant tree is spread in about 4 acres. As this a very huge tree its main trunk has many roots which in turn looks like giant trunks. As already said, Banyan tree occupies a larger area, the possibility to find out the main trunk is impossible.


There is a temple dedicated Lord Shiva in this tree premises. A zoo and a Museum is there to educate visitors about the past rulers of this region along with the speciality of this tree.

Pillalamarri Is In Its Loss…


Yes, as it is a 700-year-old tree, many of the main trunks of this tree have become hollow and most of them are eaten up by white ants and some creatures present at the tree.

Forest department are taking measures to protect the tree which is our recognition and pride. Recently saline bottles of Chlorpyrifos have been injected into the tree to get rejuvenated.


This sightseeing is partially closed because of the treatment going on for the tree. Visitors are allowed to view the tree from outside the fences only. Tourism department are not allowing tourists inside the fence.

When you get a closer view to this amazing tree, all you will notice is the damage and most of the tree got infested by the white ants.

To your knowledge, World's largest Banyan Tree is found in India that too in Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden which is in Kolkata, West Bengal.

How To Reach There…

Mahbubnagar is the main town to reach Pillalamarri. It is nearly 6 Km from Mahbubnagar district.

Guys, it is our duty to save our natural beauty. We salute to the hard work that the forest department is doing to protect this amazingly giant tree. Hope it regains its energy and continues attracting tourists with its giant structure.

Save Trees… Protect Environment…

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