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Nature Mother – It is an abode of different species of flora and fauna. With the evolution, there observed a few changes in the ecosystem. Humans and animals became interdependent. Man slowly started taming the animals which led to the evolution of new species. He also set a few zones to protect the animals and to your surprise there are a couple of places where one can find unique creatures. Today, on the occasion of 'International Cat Day' one needs to know about a strange Cat island of Japan where hundreds of cats welcome the visitors.

Cat Island Of Japan

Cat Island Of Japan, International cat day

If you are the person who loves cat? Then this locale is an impeccable destination for you to cherish the cute moments with hundreds of cats. Yeah, to experience those wonderful moments, just move to Aoshima Island, the land of cats. Cats stroll across the abandoned houses and crowds of visitors from across the world visit this island to capture the beautiful vistas and to spend some moments with cats. Dogs entry to this island is strictly prohibited and one can catch a glimpse of visitors feeding cats. Imagine yourself enjoying with plentiful of cats, isn't it really amazing? One can't resist themselves to capture the pictures of clowders of cats.

How They Came To This Island?

cat island of Japan, international cat island

Once upon a time, fishermen used to bring cats to the island to hunt the mice in their ships. Later, the population of cats increased and it even outnumbered the people living on the land. We find very less number of people living there and we can't see any restaurants, stores or even motorcycles. Currently, this island grabs many tourists with 'meow' sounds of cute pussycats.

Apart from the aforesaid Cat island, there exists a few more cat islands in Japan. Never give a miss to this island if you were on Japan tour.

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