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Moatsu is a prestigious festival celebrated by the people of Nagaland in the first week of May every year. This festival is a mark of relief for the people after sowing their seeds, clearing their fields and etc., this festival continues for a week. This whole festival is full of dances, songs and celebrations.

In this festival, people enjoy campfire where all the men and women enter in a new costume. All of them sit around the campfire and women start serving meat and wine to men as a result of happiness.

People of Nagaland celebrated the 'Moatsu festival' or spring festival in a three-day long celebration with full fervour at Chuchuyimlang Village of Nagaland.

'Moatsu festival' is celebrated in the first week of May every year to seek blessings from the gods for a bumper harvest and was attended by more than 1,000 people from across the state.

It is a festival to mark God's blessings after the sowing season. Like most festivals, Moatsu is to seek Almighty's blessings.

Moatsu Mong is observed after the sowing is completed providing villagers a period of recreation and entertainment after the tiresome work.

This year too, cultural troupes from other Naga tribes, including Chang (Yangpi village), Sangtam (Chungliyimti village) and Phom (Hukpang village), Adivasi and Jhumur dance troupe of tea-tribe of Assam participated in the festival.

Other activities that marked the celebrations were: tug of war, cane and bamboo craft making and weaving by a group of elderly women.

The State Department of Tourism has designated Chuchuyimlang as the only 'Moatsu Destination' of the State.

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