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Most Celebrated Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Is On Vacation… Check Out Here!

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Sanjeev Kapoor who is the most celebrated face of Indian Cuisine is vacaying in two countries with his family. Who would not love to vacay and that too in this red-hot summer??? Everybody right, Yes, so being a super duper famous chef, he took a small relaxing break from his hectic schedule and flew away to the most beautiful countries Sweden and Finland.

So, we EeYuva who would not refuse to gather all the travel goals from famous celebrities today has come up with the travel diaries of Sanjeev Kapoor. Have a look at his posts and prepare your travel list taking his travel diaries as an inspiration or as a guide. So, why late??? Hurry up…

“Family vacation time! This time, we decided to visit the amazing #Sweden. Have you been here? Share your recommendations! You can see more of our day on Stories” Quoted Sanjeev for a photo in which he found smiling with his better half…


After their stay in Stockholm in Sweden, they moved to Helsinki, Finland. And also they took a cruise to spend some quality time together.


“If you aren't following my #Stories, you missed that we are cruising! After our fantastic stay in #Stockholm (Sweden), our family is now in the modern Helsinki (#Finland). Right from Helsinki Market Square to Senate Square to Uspenski Cathedral to Sibelius Monument to Rock Church, it was a fun-filled day!” captioned this dynamic chef.

So let us look at the images of this extraordinary cook at the sites which he had mentioned in the post.

Helsinki Market Square


Senate Square


Uspenski Cathedral


Sibelius Monument


Rock Church


These are all the heritage and architecturally rich sites in Finland and Sweden.

Here one can observe the love that Sanjeev has on cooking. Because he even took photographs of the veggies present over there. This shows his keen heart towards his expertise.




Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe known for its high-quality heritage sites and rich architectural sites. The Swedish people give much preference to art and culture. The main locations which are attracting tourists to peaks are Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kiruna and Abisko.



A beautiful country which hosts Aurora Borealis is nothing but Finland. Commercial cruises for top places in Finland is the major tourist attraction after Aurora lights. This place is locally regarded as the home of Santa Claus. This location is renowned as a Lapland, meaning there will be no sunrise for months and if the sun rises there would be no sunset even in midnights. Doesn't this place so crazy to visit??? Yes.

So, guys, we say these places are very cool to visit. We guess the travel guide of professional chef Sanjeev Kapoor was enough to create a buzz over there. So, why waiting??? Take out your phones and start booking tickets to these amazing places to have fun.

(Image Courtesy: Shutterstock & Instagram)

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