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Written by : LifeStyle Team

What does one find in a library??? Books, Magazines, Newspapers and many more related to knowledge. Many may think that what is this silly question??? But, hold on my dear readers, as you said a Library is home to many books which relates to knowledge. But, you may find beyond that in a Library which is filled with an ocean of books in Brazil.

Yes, Royal Portuguese Cabinet Of Reading is a library in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which is superbly attracting everyone with its amazing architecture and arrangement of books.

All About The Library…


This is the first association of the Portuguese community formed to promote their culture and tradition among their people. And thus, formed this library where special gatherings, meetings, events of these community takes place. The whole building was constructed in the Gothic-Renaissance style.

Special Attractions of Library…


Especially speaking about the Chandelier, those luminous lights which emit from this cute little chandelier is the centre of attraction for the entire library.


Pedro Alvares Cabral who was a great Portuguese nobleman, his statue is observed inside the library. The royal cabinet present in the Library publishes the articles and main magazines of Portuguese literature and also used to conduct seminars for the semester students.

Awards and Rewards…

This architectural rich Library is listed as the top 20 most beautiful libraries in the world.

Arrangement Of Books…


Numerous books were arranged in perfectly placed rows and columns. When you look around yourself, you will find an ocean of books placed around you. One will spellbind with the beautiful arrangement of books and its perfect architecture.

Other than knowledge gaining a purpose, this library was used or rented for Films, Soap Operas, television commercials and many more.

The marvellous construction demands a lot form this library. We say when you visit Brazil for tourist attractions then don't ever forget to visit this library.

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