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'Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2019': Here Is The Winner's List…

Written by : LifeStyle Team

And it is a wrap to our anticipation, stop dreaming or thinking about the winners of the prestigious 'Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2019.' Because they have announced the winner's list in a grandeur way. Under many special genre's they have categorised the travel awards into Indian and International.

For each special genre, they have announced one country as a winner from around the world and at the same time one state in India.

This is their eighth edition of awards given by them whose Auto Partner is Harrier, Holiday Partner Akbar Holidays and Foreign Travel Card Partner SBI. These extraordinary awards have been chosen by the Lonely Planet Magazine India readers.

There are a total of eleven genres and a special award. So, we EeYuva just detailed them below have a look…

Best Destination For Culture: International - Japan And Indian State - Rajasthan


Best Destination For Wildlife: International - SouthAfrica And Indian State - Assam


Best Destination For Value: International - Thailand And Indian State - Goa


Best Destination For Families: International - Singapore And Indian State - Kerala


Best Destination For Food & Drink: International - Italy And Indian State - Delhi


Best Destination For Indulgence: International - Switzerland And Indian State - Rajasthan


Best Destination For Relaxation: International - The Maldives And Indian State - Kerala


Best Destination For Romance: International - France And Indian State - The Andaman

Best Destination For Shopping: International - Dubai And Indian State - Mumbai


Best Destination For Adventure: International - New Zealand And Indian State - Uttarakhand


Best Emerging Destination: International - Iceland And Indian State - Arunachal Pradesh


Last but not the least, as we said above along with these there is also a special award that is India's Favourite Destination Around The World And The Winner Is Italy


So, we say these are the best-chosen awards. Each city along with country has got a correct identity. They have given justice in a proper organised way.

Aren't these cities or countries in your bucket list??? If not, then start exploring these places and feel the bliss...

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