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Written by : LifeStyle Team

When sizzling cool breeze starts pampering us and we really wanted to explore some marvellous place along with our friends and family, then our mind giggles to visit a beach to enjoy the pleasant environment. Isn't it??? Yes, then we say visit this exquisite place in Andhra Pradesh state and fill your day with extreme happiness.

Srikakulam is a charming district of Andhra Pradesh state which is alluring travel freaks with its wide varieties of tourism spots. Starting from Kalingapatnam beach to Arasavalli Sun Temple this location is nestled in between enormous exciting places.

We EeYuva today have come up with an enthralling location in Srikakulam that is Kalingapatnam Beach. Here we have gathered an information regarding the beach from our friend who recently visited that place. Have a look at the description of the place along with the experience.

First Of All We Will Start With The Description…

Kalingapatnam is a town in Srikakulam district which is renowned with its famous Kalingapatnam Beach. This beach is a union of Vamsadhara river and Bay of Bengal Ocean. The views of this beautiful union makes you awestruck. The forceful waves from Bay of Bengal diverse into Vamsadhara river forming a picturesque site seeing location.


This beach was used as a harbour in British times and a light house is also observed in this location. Actually speaking, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department are taking proper measures to make this beach as a perfect tourist spot.

The other interesting fact associated with this beach is the quirky Crabs. Yes, this beach is filled with crabs moving here and there. And, you don't have to worry at all as they will not harm us.


Kalingapatnam Beach is far better than RK Beach in Vishakapatnam. Yes, this beach is very calm with less people compared to RK beach and the soothing waves touching our feet, OMG!!! that feeling was insane.

Here Is The Experience…

“Beach is one of my favourite spot… From college days to till now, I love spending my precious time in beach with my friends and family… Even though I visit beach very often, I never felt boring and always feel refreshing by sitting near the seashore….” says Sindhuri Vadada who recently made a visit to this beach with her family.


“This time the feeling of visiting beach and the excitement doubled as I visited with my 2 ½ years old son Nehal. We both were screaming like anything as child in me came out looking at that pleasant beach. Though I was enjoying by Nehal's silly things as a responsible mother I took care of my kid in a good way,” added Sindhu…


Sindhu also said that, “Beaches are a feel good place where the waves wave out one's stress and fill one's life with enthusiasm and joy.”


Sindhu also penned her experience as, “Nehal got super duper excited looking at the statue of animals and the creamy waves of this enthralling beach. Though it was our first vist to this beach we enjoyed to the moon and back.”

So, guys we feel really very excited to visit this beach looking at the experience of Sindhuri Vadada. Then what about you??? If you feel the same, then head to this place and feel the real joy…

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