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Very famous Hindu temple which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, who is the other form of Lord Maha Vishnu is located in Puri, Odisha. This shrine has much historical importance and is the most visited pilgrimage site as per Hindu religions which is 'Jagannath Temple'. When we speak about Jagannath Temple, the main attraction or ritual that happens at that location reminds us. Yes or no??? Yes, that is none other than Ratha Yatra.

Before going in detail about this tremendous Ratha Yatra, we shall discuss about the temple and its historical importance. Are you ready to explore this marvellous shrine and its traditions along with us??? Then, here we go... All you have to do is scroll down your mouse!

Temple and Its History…

There are many histories associated with this temple according to Hindu legends. As per some legends, it is said that, this temple was built by a Malva king Indradyumna. And the construction of this temple with the involvement of the king also has many stories.


Here according to some Hindu people, the king Indradyumna who wanted to build the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu underwent penance and during which Lord Jagannath in kings dreams instruct him to make the idols of god from a fragrant tree. As per the instructions of Lord Jagannath, the king made idols of Lord Jagannath along with brother Balabhadra, sister Subhadra and celestial wheel Sudarshan Chakra.

Other than this story, many may describe the construction of this temple in different formats. Some may believe Lord Jagannath is the other form of Krishna. So, totally there we find a fusion of Vaishnavism, Saivism, Shaktism and sometimes Jainism also.

Speciality Of This Temple…


Nevertheless, of any temple in India and outside countries, this is the only temple in which the deities are made of wood. These idols are decorated with different jewellery and clothing depending upon the season and the ritual they follow. And, the topmost thing to know about this temple is, these deities are replaced with another wood carvings for every twelve or nineteen years.

Puri Jagannath Temple


The famous Puri Jagannath Temple is nestled in the heart of Odisha and is just 7 km away from Balasore city. The architecture of the temple fascinates everyone with its unique architecture and four main gates. If we step through main Lion gate one can see a monolithic pillar which is locally known as Aruna Stambha. Aruna is the charioteer of Sun god and never give a miss to view the statue of Aruna over the top of the pillar. After the Aruna Stambha, one can stroll across the temple premises and visit the main temple which is raised over a high platform.

The Ultimate Ratha Yatra…


This is a stupendous procession of chariots on which the idols of deities are placed. This is one of the greatest rituals followed at this temple where millions of pilgrims participate to seek the blessings from the powerful gods. Ratha Yatra is a splendid festival which involves ocean full of traditions, beliefs and rituals of the Hindu people. The people who involve in decorating the chariots undergo different traditions like fasting, to be true to God and all. The decoration of chariots involves many various artefacts and overall they look very beautiful.


Most beautiful thing observed in this Ratha Yatra is people usually decorate themselves like deities and chant various powerful mantras of God. Numerous people participate in pulling the chariots as a part of the procession.


Ratha Yatra originally starts in the month of Ashada (Rainy Season) where the deities along with chariots are brought to the main street of Odisha by the name Bada Danad and it follows up to 3 Km till Shri Gundicha temple.

This is all about the prestigious and extremely devotional Ratha Yatra and Jagannatha Temple. Hope you find it very interesting and devotional too. Make sure you visit this temple and participate in this auspicious procession and seek the blessings of God.

Note: The official Ratha Yatra starts from July 4th.

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