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A picture-perfect location where all the buildings are painted in white and blue which gives you that pleasurable feeling is observed in Greece. And, to your surprise, this country is blessed with ravishing islands which are now the prime tourist spots. So, we EeYuva without wasting a single minute today have come up with the enthralling locations and islands of Greece which are worth visiting.

So, if you are checking out for a really cool and romantic location to spend your quality time, then quickly head to Greece to own that exemplary feeling.

And, guess what, many Bollywood films have been shot in Greece. Keeping that apart, let us start exploring the splendid locations of Greece… Here we go!



Santorini is primarily known as a volcanic island because of its largest volcanic eruption that has caused some 3,600 years ago. It is recorded as the most active volcanic regions in Greece. The estimated area in which this volcano had spread is 500 km long and 20-40 km wide. Santorini is the major tourist attraction site in Greece with its cruise named MS Sea Diamond. It is said that, around 2 million tourists visit this island in a year to get that insane feeling. Actually, Travel + Leisure Magazine, BBC has been considered Santorini as the top island out of all.



Although this place is nicknamed as 'The Islands Of Winds', Mykonos is shined up with sun light for almost 300 days in a year. The temperature is very humid and hot but it is also cool when 'Meltemi' wind blows. The houses at the beach side is worth watching and staying too. These houses are constructed with hanging balconies which are very romantic yet pleasant to live in. There are many museums in Mykonos which exhibit the collection of furniture, jewellery and so on. The most attracting factor of Mykonos is their Wind mills. The main economy of Mykonos is Tourism.



Home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Rhodes is the major tourist attraction spot after Crete in Greece. The statue Colossus Of Rhodes which is the seven wonders of the ancient world is located at the centre of the island. This was destroyed by the earthquake and there are no remains of the statue in the present Rhodes. This island is nicknamed as the 'Islands of the Knights'. The Acropolis of Lindos, Acropolis of Rhodes, Castle of Monolithos are the notable places to watch out for in Rhodes.



Crete is the largest and the most populous islands of Greece. It has been recorded as the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean sea. Crete is surrounded by the highest mountain ranges and guess what, this is the island where there is a huge increase in the tourists flow because of its natural beauty. The main attractions of Crete include the Matala Beach, archaeological sites, the gorge of Samaria and Europe's largest palm beach which is named as Vai. Trust us, this is something which cannot be seen anywhere in the world, the whole beach side is filled with palm trees and reaching that place will rejuvenate to the core.

There are many other picture perfect islands like Corfu, Chalkidice which are also the major tourist spots in Greece.

Guys, mark these locations in your bucket list and make sure you visit these locations once in your lifetime since they are worth visiting!

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