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When we need to talk about the indigenous tribes of the world definitely we should mention about India. Yes, it is the land of different tribes who have their own languages, cultures, traditions, festivals, attires, food, music, dance and many more. Explorers love to visit every corner of India to know more about the native tribes of a particular region. Today (Aug 9), on the occasion of International Day of the World’s Indigenous People’s, we EeYuva have come up with a destination where the lifestyles of different tribes of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are in the exhibit, i.e, Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum of Hyderabad. Give a quick scroll down to know more...

Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum

Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum Hyderabad, Tribal Museum

Nehru Centenary Tribal museum in Masab Tank of Hyderabad, Telangana is the perfect destination to know everything about different tribes of both the states. As we all know that both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are majorly covered with thick forests. Days are passing like clouds and the humans are moving towards the changes that took place due to globalisation. But, still many people live in the forests and no one can detach their attachment with the forest.

Nehru Cenetnary Tribal Museum,Hyderabad, Tribal Museum Hyderabad, Telangana

They born in forest, they grow in forest and they die in forest. Tribes are called with different names in different regions but the lives of all those people are strongly associated with forests. They worship every part of the forest as their deity and they collect all fruits, leaves and firewood for their livelihood and they believe that they are the blessings from mother nature.

A Place To Capture Different Tribal Traditions

Nehru centenary tribal museum hyderabad, Tribal museum hyderabad

Indigenous cultures and traditions are thriving very hard in the states since hundreds of years. People know about those tribes through museums, exhibits, events, visiting historical sites and by talking with the tribes. Established in the year 2003, Nehru Centenary tribe museum of Hyderabad is providing a great opportunity to all the modern people to know something about the different indigenous tribes of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The red brick coloured two storey building welcome the visitors with beautiful carvings over the walls which resonate the cultures of tribal people. Once stepped into the museum, the tribal village ambience takes the visitors into a trance and makes them feel like that they are in a tribal village.

Nehru Cenetenary Tribal Museum Hyderabad, Tribal Museum

The specially designed hut shaped galleries, tribal village diorama, tribal handicrafts, sculptures, their traditional jewellery and many more narrate the stories of indigenous people and their unique culture. The amphitheatre on this museum premises exhibit the short stories and documentaries about the tribal people.

Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum Hyderabad, tribal Museum

Know something about the cultures and unique dance forms of tribal people like Koya, Lambada, Chenchu, Gond, Naikpod, etc. The statues of fortune tellers (sodi), vegetable vendors, jewellery and pottery makers bring awareness among the children about the livelihood of the past generations.

Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum, Tribal Museum Hyderabad

The antique jewelry, tribal deities, weapons made up of bamboos and animal horns, musical instruments, bullock carts, honey collection methods, agricultural practices and many other things in the museum lure the visitors. One can enjoy shopping in the tribal bazaar on the premises. The museum also displays the burial practices of different tribes and what can we give our children other than knowledge. So, give a go with your children to this tribal museum.

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