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Dare enough to partake in adventurous activities with your buddies? Searching for a most nerve wrenching destination to satiate your adventure thirst? Mount Huashan of China, the world's most dangerous hiking trail comes to your rescue. Can't wait for more to know about this? Then move with your hiking shoes to this adventurous and spiritual locale. Here are the things you must know before you visit it.

Why Mount Huashan?

Mount Hua Shan Trek China

Though there are myriads of adventurous destinations in the world, Mount Huashan of China has its own mark on the adventure bees bucket list. Situated in the city of Huayin of China and is a few stones away from Xian. It attracts the visitors with its nerve wrenching adventurous trails, plank walk and five mountain summits. Crowds of adventure junkies make a beeline to Mount Huashan to experience the adrenaline rush. Words fall short to tell about the fear of death, stomach dropping moments while walking through the trails especially on the sky plank walk. It is a one-stop destination to fulfill both adventure and nature thirst.

Slippery Stairs Of Huashan

Staircases At Mount Hua Shan

Wanna drench in this audacious activity and wish to take a documentary on your adventurous moments? If so, you must be ready to climb the steep and narrow rock staircases, slope ascents and more nail-biting walk on a wooden plank which is bolted on the cliff-side of the mountain. To reach the 2,106 metres atop the mountain, one needs to climb the staircases which are vertical in position.

mount Hua shan china, world's most dangerous trail

There are some iron chains which may rescue from fatal falls. Walk through the rock formations which dates back to centuries ago. According to the local legends, this mountain is a sacred destination since 2nd century BCE and a Taoist temple was established at the bottom of the mountain. The local people believe that the god lives in the mountain.

Sky Plank Walk At Huashan

Sky Plank Walk At Huashan

This is the most adventurous and nerve-racking trail of the Mount Huashan trip. Definitely, it will render most audacious moments to one's life. Hook yourself to the iron rope and get ready to walk on the plank wood which is hooked to the mountain cliff side. It is the dangerous trail where fatal falls may take place. One needs to move forward by moving single step by holding the rope.

Sky Plank Walk At Huashan china

To your surprise, the trail route is a one way, therefore one must have to use the same path to return where people come across you on the narrow path. One may scream like anything while on the trek. It's really brave and perfectly suits for daredevils whereas weak hearts should not give a go for this trail. After climbing the mountain, one can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain and tea house at the top.

Be careful! Don't forget to take necessary measures while going for the trek... It is advised to be careful as the trek route is slippery.

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