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Monuments are the great places to know about the historical legacy and the royal life of a particular epoch. They resonate the brilliant architectural skills of the artisans and marked their own signature on the walls of the history. Many historical monuments are sprawled across India and at times some of them are highlighted through movies. Do you remember the palace which appeared in Arundathi movie? Of course, who will forget the beauty of the palace? Today, we EeYuva have come up with a special palace, Banaganapalli Nawab Palace which is well known as Arundathi Palace.

Nawab Palace Of Banaganapalli

Situated at the top of the hillock of Banaganapalli, Kurnool, Nawab Palace draw the eyeballs of visitors towards it. Built by Mir Fazal Ali Khan Bahadur, as a summer resort and to entertain the British guests aswell. Stood majestically on the roadside way enroute famous spiritual destination Yaganti. Visitors get amazed by the views of Nawab palace of Banaganapalli which inturn reminds Arundathi movie.

The entrance of the palace welcome the visitors with a small arch-shaped room, amidst the two staircases. The beautiful rock staircases take away to a place from where one can capture the inner beauty of Banaganapalli palace from a very close shot. From there one can cherish the beautiful surroundings that fascinate everyone with lavish fields. The three sides of the palace enchant the tourists with unique staircase architecture. The facet of the Nawab's palace astound the visitors with numerous rock arches. If you keenly observe, the top of the palace resembles the crown of a king which is adorned with small onion-shaped minarets.

Banganapalli Palace, Arundathi Palace, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Stroll across the palace to cherish the beauty of Arundathi palace where the voice of Pashupati resonates. Definitely, a trip to this Nawab palace of Banaganapalli will make you remind every scene of Arundathi movie. One can see catch a glimpse of people telling the dialogues from Arundathi movie near the palace. The architecture of the palace is so simple but it is a great place to stay during summers. The unique patterned arches and windows around the palace provide a great way to the pleasant winds to pass through every corner of the palace. The stone architecture with wooden and iron ceiling makes everyone praise the great craftsman skills of that era. The central hall of the palace attracts every visitor with its beautiful floral floor tiles with a central arch and well-equipped ventilation. There exists six small rooms behind the palace and is said that they were used by the servants of the palace. One can view two small stone constructions on the premises of the palace.

Unfortunately, the great historical heritage of Nawab Palace is not explored to the modern world. The palace is still a private asset and Andhra Pradesh tourism authorities are trying a lot to protect the monument and to promote the tourism of the locale.

The beauty of the palace was vandalized by unknown people and one can view rubbish writings over the palace walls. Due to the lack of maintenance, the roof of some rooms and the wooden doors were ruined.

How To Reach ?

From Kurnool one needs to hire a public service bus to reach Banaganapalli which is nearly 80 kms. From there, one needs to hire a private vehicle to reach the locale. It is located on the way to Yaganti temple. It is very hard to find a vehicle, so it is advised to hire a private vehicle to enjoy the trip to the core.

Where To Stay ?

No proper accommodation facilities are available near the palace and one can find a stay in few satras at Yaganti temple premises. Kurnool or Nandyal provides best-staying facilities.

Where To Eat ?

One can find a few hotels in Banaganapalli and it is better to take some food with you to avoid hunger pangs.

Do a share with us if you were on a trip to Banaganapalli Nawab Palace aka Arundathi Palace.

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