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Today we EeYuva are here with two incredible locations in the world. One is from Wales and the other is from China. These two places have their own specialty and hence are in news now. Both these places are related to human strength. Oh, wait… It is not any adventurous spot, but then requires more of the man effort to explore these locations.

The above description is driving you crazy with intense dilemma right??? Yes, so follow our article to know more about these two stupendous locations... Here we go!

Ffordd Pen Llech….

This is not just a name of any location instead, Ffordd Pen Llech is the name of a road in Harlech community which is situated in Snowdonia national park, Wales. Do you have any guesses, why we are talking about a road today??? Let us tell you, this is the steepest street or road in the entire world with a gradient of 37.45%.


OMG!!! Imagine a steep road, we feel like we may fall off from the road and our stomach giggles when we pass from those steep roads. Isn't it??? Of course. And moreover, it is a single-track road which helps in avoiding the accidents or sudden meetings of the vehicles.

Officially Ffordd Pen Llech street was named as the steepest road in the world by Guinness World Records on July 15th, 2019 which was previously owned by Baldwin Street in New Zealand.


This street is a tourist attraction which is alluring cyclists to the core. Many of the cyclists are observed in the street along with their cycles to enjoy the slopes and up's of the street.

Ladders Of Heaven…

These Ladders are something which are related to traveling from one place to another. Exactly, all your guesses are right!!! These are the steel ladders which are observed at Liangshan province in China. Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is home to many isolated villages upon its cliff. Liangshan is a cliff top often known as Cliff Villages.


As this area and the villages within Liangshan are isolated, it is very difficult to reach out Sichuan province from Liangshan. This area is around 800m high from the ground level. Access to this location is happening only through the vines of trees or through the steel steps.


School children nearly spend two hours to reach their home from schools by using these steel ladders. These ladders are straight and also resulted in falls and deaths. Government has newly installed a 60 degrees inclination steel ladders now so that people can reach the destination with much ease and with no danger. These steps are called as Ladders Of Heaven.

Aren't these two locations related to human strength??? Yes, so we find them interesting and adventurous too. So, why don't you try to reach these two impeccable locations and give a shot? Looks like these two locations will bring out our inner happiness while we start exploring them….

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