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Whenever we think of China, our mind pops out with major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau, Isn't it??? Yeah of course, but do you know there are many more interesting site-seeing places in China to explore which are filled with myriads of natural beauty attractions??? No right!!

Today, we EeYuva as a part of exploring the beauty of China, caught this wonderful location which is filled with artificial man-made lakes, canals and so on…

Trust us this place is way more beautiful and natural when compared to the top cities of China. So, why late shall we start discussing about this exquisite place??? Scroll down…

Hangzhou in China is the capital city of Zhejiang Province in East China. This place is nestled with beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The two most important sites which are considered as UNESCO sites are the Grand Canal and West Lake. We are briefing them below have a look…

World's Oldest Lake Aka Artificial Lake…

Grand Canal in China is the oldest and the first artificial lake in the world. It is also the longest canal in the world. The total distance it covers is 1,776 Km and travels a long distance to reach Hangzhou. Starting from Beijing, it passes through Tianjin and along with the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and finally, it reaches to Hangzhou.


By travelling all this way it also gets in touch with the Second longest river in China that is Yellow River and also meets the longest river in Asia that is Yangtze River.


One can enjoy the culture and traditional aspects of China by travelling on the cruise available at Grand Canal. It passes through the city and showcases the intensity of Chinese culture.


One more attraction accompanied by this Grand Canal is the Gongchen Bridge. It is specially designed for Pedestrians and Cyclists.

Freshwater Lake In China


Yes, West Lake is the renowned freshwater lake in China which is attracting millions of tourists with its way more serene beauty. There are many temples, pagodas, natural gardens, and islands associated with this freshwater lake. This lake is famous for its 9 super duper scenic spots which are as follows…

  • Dawn (the first appearance of sparkling light in the sky before Sunrise) on the Su Causeway (raised road or ground along the lake)

  • Curved Yard and Lotus Pool

  • Moon over the peaceful Lake

  • Remnant snow on the Bridge


  • Leifeng Pagoda

  • Orioles birds

  • Fish viewing at flower pond

  • Three Ponds full of Moon shadow

  • Evening Bell at the Nanping Hill


You will feel relaxed and chilled looking at the beauty of this lake. Such a pleasant and calm location will definitely rejuvenate your mind and soul with extreme happiness and so on…

If you are visiting China then don't opt for the major renowned places, just give a try to Hangzhou which is full of natural beauty source. To get rid of an extremely stressful and hectic schedule one should visit this kind of place which will explore your happiness to the core…

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