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Guthka And Paan Banned Inside Puri Jagannath Temple

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Visitors with guthka, betel leaves or tobacco will no longer be allowed to enter the Jagannath Temple in Puri. This new rule will be effective from August 1 onwards and If anyone is caught with such aforementioned items, they will be not allowed inside the temple and will be also fined with Rs.500 as penalty.

The decision was taken by the chief administrator of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) in a recent meeting to maintain cleanliness in the temple. “If any devotee or temple staff is found chewing betel leaves, tobacco or guthka, they will be barred from entering the premises and a fine of INR 500 will be imposed on them.” he said.

As per the latest reports, the STJA will be setting up caution boards around the Temple to spread awareness among the public regarding the updated sanitation rules. Also, some guards will be posted at the temple gates to check the temple staff and visitors to make sure that no one is carrying such banned items inside the temple.

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