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Written by : LifeStyle Team

A banknote or simply called as rupee in Indian language can fulfil our needs. Then what about a Chinese banknote??? Will they turn out to be a tourist guide to travel in China?? How can a banknote guide you to travel?? Wondered right?? Yes, we even got confused when we heard about this miracle.

So, we EeYuva thought why not to share this wonderful thing with you all. Considering the above marvel, we today have come up with an interesting yet informative article. Want to know in detail then scroll down…

Normally, what does our Indian rupee has as its background??? Do you ever concentrated on it??? No right! Let us tell you...

500 rupee note - one will find Red Fort,

100 Rupee - one can observe Rani Ki Vav


50 Rupee note -  we will find Hampi with a Chariot...

Well, if we consider the same case in China's Yuan, we will find different breathtaking picturesque locations which are the major tourist attractions in China.

So, we are here with the detailed view of China's Yuan... Have a glimpse!

Potala Palace


The World Heritage Site and also a museum named Potala Palace was the residence of Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama fled to India. This historical Palace was designed as the background for Chinese banknote of RMB 50.


This is also called as a white or red palace. A 13-storey building containing over 1,000 rooms 200,000 Buddhist statues, is constructed on the Red Hill. There is a strict rule to visitors that, only 1,600 tourists can visit this palace in a day and also reduced opening hours due to over-crowding.

Location: Lhasa, Tibet, China.

Li River


The 83-kilometre flowing river which has a beautiful background of Karst mountains is none other than Li River. If you turn your RMB 20 Chinese Yuan you will get to visualise this beautiful river on its back.


There is a very famous relaxing cruise in this place by the name Li River Cruise. The boat ride or cruise alongside the turquoise blue waters will relax you to the moon and back. This is the favourite spot for the tourists to explore.

Location: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Yangtze River


The longest river in the entire world to flow continuously within one country is recognised as the Yangtze River. This is also the longest river in Asia. The third-longest river in the world. Yangtze River will be seen as the background of Chinese banknote RMB 10.


For thousands of years, this river water has been used for irrigation, sanitation, transportation, industry and many more. The picture-perfect views of this river will drive you to this exotic place.

Location: Tangulla Mountains, China

So, these are the places which are inscribed on Chinese Yuan. We found them as a beautiful tourist attraction if you also feel the same then head to these places and have fun…

We will come up with another article in which we will discuss about the places which are appearing as the background of Indian Rupees. Till then stay tuned to EeYuva!

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