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Written by : LifeStyle Team

A day out with friends rejuvenates us from the monotonous lifestyle, isn't it??? Yes... And no need to mention about the sedentary lifestyle of today's busy bees! Sometimes, we roll back our memories to our college days and have a winsome smile on our faces! So my dear buddies, we EeYuva suggests you to take a break and get back to those days by planning a trip to some adventurous places especially for those who are adventure junkies!!! So all the adventure freaks! On this 'Friendship Day' plan a trip and pack your bags to visit the below mentioned swimming pools! These pools will definitely add best memories to your kitty! So guys, are you dare enough to swim in these pools? Then, let's start here 1...2...3...jump into the write-up...

Devil's Swimming Pool - Africa

Devil's Swimming Pool - Africa, friendship day places

Imagine yourself standing at the tip of gushing 100 mts waterfall without any barriers. Ha! It's just breathtaking right! Yes... Guys if you want to adore this breathtaking experience, then just move with your buddy gang to Zambia, Africa. The Zambezi river of Zambia cascades which lies about 1500 mts above the sea level will leave you awestruck with lush greens. Years ago a pool was formed naturally on the edge of this rives which named as Devil's pool. You can plunge with your buddies on the neck of the death falls in dried months from mid of August to December. We bet you that by all odds you will grit your teeth before diving into the devil's pool.

Toilet Bowl - Hawaii

Guys, do you have guts to jump into flushing water in rocks? Many say no... But some travel and adventure junkies will definitely raise their hands. Then for those who want to experience it, should visit Hanauma Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii. This naturally formed pool is the most treacherous and even some times becomes dangerous with heavy flow of water. But, the nature of Hawaii island and audacious places attract the adventure aficionados. Friends be careful with slippery rocks and dangerous spots.

Jacob's Well - Texas

Jacob's Well - Texas

Jacob's well, Texas, USA is considered as one of the most dangerous natural pools over the earth. The unexplored caves of deep blue pool allures the local tourists with the baffled routes which lie under water. My dear buddies, standing on the edge of this black hole thrills you but, mind that never ever to dive deep into the water.

Ice Pool Swimming - Finland

Ice Pool Swimming - Finland

And here, we come up with an Ice Pool which is filled with 'Ice'. Swimming in this pool is really a challenging task as the temperature here falls under 4 degree Celsius. The best time to visit this frozen hole is in winter. But, do pack quilts and jackets to protect yourselves from the chilly weather.

Dean's Blue Hole - Bahamas

Dean's Blue Hole - Bahamas

The plunge in the world's deepest blue hole will definitely scare anyone. Don't you? If no... Then, move up to Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. Dean's Blue Hole surface appears circularly with nearly 35 meters diameter and 663 meters depth. This deep sink hole allures the world wide tourists especially the divers. The dip in this deep hole amazes the swimmers with its natural beauty like crystal clear water, sea horses, turtles and various aquatic species. Some times the swim in this hole is dangerous even to divers. So, non swimmers and children are better to stay away from it.

This Friendship Day, Be Prepared To Overcome Your Fear And Dive Into These Pools With Your Chums!!! And Do Share Your Adventurous Experiences With Us...

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