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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Whether it is childhood, young, middle or old age, dinosaur is always an interesting subject for us and any small information about its existence will grab our attention.

Back in 2010, a sauropod dinosaur thigh bone was found at South-western France and it measured about 2.2m long and 500 Kg weight.

Now, Palaeontologists have excavated a 6.5 foot-long thigh bone that belonged to a giant sauropod dinosaur at the same location and its existence would be around 140 million years ago. It is expected to weight about the same as that of the thigh bone discovered in 2010.

Since 2010 when the excavations have begin, Palaeontologists have discovered around 7,500 bones belonging to 45 different species of dinosaur.

Sauropods, which existed in the late Jurassic era, were among the largest land animals that ever lived.
Palaeontologists said that, they are amazed at the state of preservation of the bone.

"We can see the insertions of muscles and tendons, and scars," Ronan Allain of the National History Museum of Paris told.

“Such dinosaurs, which lived more than 140 millions years ago, would have weighed around 40 to 50 tonnes” Allain added.

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